Thursday, 7 July 2016

In which Lenny repeats a four year old hoax and threatens legal action...

I'm slightly worried about the Germanic Gut-bucket because he's not posted on Facebook for a few days which could mean he's banned again or it could mean he's had a nasty crash in that big Mercedes he's pretending is his... He obviously can't see over the dashboard after all... Actually no.... I'm not worried at all and the thought of the short-arse careering down the road in a car designed for normal sized people and crashing into an abutment fills me with hope but anyhoo... Back to business...

Lenny is repeating the whole "Facebook are going to steal your soul, pictures and posts" nonsense... Along with the ridiculous 'lawful' notice that blahdiblahdiblah and etc... All of which was comprehensively debunked back in 2012...

Hang on.... I've just been over on Facebook for a screen grab and everything after 1 July has been deleted... Oh well... It'll give Lardy-Lenny something else to add to the lawsuit he's already working on with his multi-million pound legal team...

Now that's a lawsuit I'd love to see... Not just because it's so fatally ill-conceived but because it would be nice to see Lenny actually follow through with a lawsuit which he's not done since that German one he lost so badly back in 1999... 

I am of course always aware that Lenny is willing and able to spend $700,000 a year on lawyers fees so obviously I'm careful what I say* about the short, fat, ignorant, bald, racist, anti-semitic, 100% fake, scamming, lying, forcilby-fondling, stupid, unqualified, delusional, rape-victim-blaming, Nazi cockwomble... For hath he not sayeth unto the internetz... "I won't start a fight but I will finish it"?.. (For which read "I will try to intimidate people with my woefully inept Bargain-Bucket McLawyers until they realise I'm full of shit and throw me under the bus")... But suing Facebook for banning him for hate-speech?... I can't wait to see him or his "legal team" make a first amendment case out of that one.

*Actually I'd love to see him sue me... Bring it on biatch!


  1. I too noticed that everything after July 1 is gone from his main English language Facebook page, and he hadn't posted anything after July 3. But he's still ranting away on his main German page, "Dr." Leonard Coldwell, as well as his new-ish page "Eyn Rand," and, of course, "The Only Answer to Cancer," on which I found, on this very day, yet another indication that the bourbon is eating away at Lenny's short term memory. Here he goes again, spreading a meme about Snopes CEO David Mikkeslon being arrested. This time around it has something to do with pit bulls. (Maybe it was David Mikkelson who killed Lenny's doggy Blue!) Anyway, I tried to post a comment on Lenny's aggregated "blog post," but I'm sure it won't be published. But here's the link; check it out before he wipes it away like he did the Snopes arrest post from last August.

  2. I just checked back on his "blog" and my comment is still "awaiting moderation."

    Connie Schmidt aka Cosmic Connie says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    July 7, 2016 at 1:50 pm

    Somebody seems to be experiencing some short-term memory challenges. Don’t you realize that the picture of David Mikkelson supposedly being arrested for illegal dog fighting is a bad Photoshop job from a previous hoax article that was published last year? Don’t you remember that hoax and how you were called out on it, after which your blog post about it was for some reason removed from this site?

    Is any of this ringing a bell?

    Here is a link to an article about last year’s hoax.

    Here is a link to an article about the current hoax:

    The “source” for the current hoax story about Mikkelson’s arrest, “News4 KTLA,” is a FAKE NEWS clickbait site.

    You’re welcome.

  3. Strangely I can't get the (not)drleonardcoldwell(dot)com to open at all... I just get a blank white page. Hmmmmm....