Thursday, 15 December 2016

Fake doctor cites highly qualified ex-model as expert on vaccinations....

Melania "What first attracted you to multi millionaire Donald?" Trump gave a speech supporting the anti-vaxxers... Except she didn't really and anyway this largely bullshit story is six months old.

I'm not sure whose medical opinion I value more... That of an old, fat, bald, racist and totally fake doctor with four entirely imaginary PhDs and four non-existent 'doctor degrees' or a retired, gold-digging, ex-model with an imaginary degree in architecture*.  

I think I'll stick to taking the advice of people with genuine expertise who stand some chance of knowing what the fuck they are talking about.

*   "In July 2016, Melania's official website was redirected to On Twitter, she stated that her site was outdated and did not "accurately reflect [her] current business and professional interests." This change came after it was widely noted by the media that the website had falsely claimed for more than 10 years that she had a degree in architecture and design from the University of Ljubljana. Her biography in the 2016 Republican National Convention official program also incorrectly stated that she had obtained a degree in Slovenia." Source

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

...and speaking of believing things...

It's not often I post twice in one day to this blog but in view of the fact that the last post was about Leonard Coldwell the not-doctor warning his readers not to believe absurdities in spite of being a world class spouter of absurd claims I couldn't resist grabbing this from one of his multiple Facebook accounts...

Yep... That makes sense Lenny but what say we expand the "stupid to believe things because someone says so" motif to people who claim to be doctors with an illustrious career behind them when in reality they ARE NOT A FUCKING DOCTOR OF ANYTHING!

Yeah, yeah, yeah... You are a world leading doctor, you have four PhDs, you're an expert on cancer, you have the greatest success rate of any cancer 'expert', you're an award winning writer and you cured your mother of Hep C fifteen years before it was discovered... Except NONE of those things is even close to being the truth. 

Of course if I'm wrong you can always set your fantasy 'legal team' on me... Which reminds me... "I won't start a fight but I will finish it" ain't fucking true either is it? What's the current score? World 3 ; Lenny 0 if I remember correctly.

Lawsuits to the usual address please.

People who believe absurdities... Errr...


Leonard Coldwell is a doctor - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell has four PhDs - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell has four 'doctor degrees' - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell was in general practice for 16 years - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell was in the German special forces - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell has cured 35,000 cancer patients - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell has a 92.3% cancer cure rate - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell has a private jet - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell has a butler - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell has $100,000,000,000 - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell has sold 57,000,000 books - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell formerly owned hospitals in Europe - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell is going to start his own country - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell is as famous as Chuck Norris in the martial arts world - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell was a German army sniper - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell has never lost a (legal) fight - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell has donated $42,000,000 to his own charitable foundation - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell is world renowned - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell is a humanitarian - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell is NOT a Nazi - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell is NOT a racist - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell is NOT a misogynist - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell is NOT a homophobe - ABSURD.
Anything that Leonard Coldwell says is even vaguely credible - TOTALLY FUCKING ABSURD.


Monday, 5 December 2016

They seek him here... They seek him there....

...Them Champions™ seek him everywhere.
Is he in heaven?

Or is he in hell?
No... He's been suspended from Facebook again...

Yes... He's managed to get himself suspended yet again but this time the people at Facebook seem to have finally realised he's using multiple sock-puppet accounts and nobbled the lot.

As of 05/12/2016 this is all you get...

I haver no doubt Lenny the Not-Doctor will pretend this is as a result of him making Pro-Trump posts but I'll bet a pound to a xmas pud it was really for hate-speech... Again.

Looking on the bright side... As if Lenny being uber-suspended wasn't bright side enough... It means the world will be spared a little bit of extra bullshit until after chrimbo...

Friday, 2 December 2016

Non-doctor with made up qualifications asks if condition is made up?

It seems Leonard Coldwell has been suspended from Facebook not just on one account but on most of the ones he hasn't abandoned over the years... But fear not... He's still making a fool of himself on Twitter.

Of course if he'd ever actually studied medicine... Or even paid the slightest bit of attention to the real world... He'd know that the weather is a very well known risk factor in world of the asthmatic.

I'm a genuine asthmatic.

Leonard Coldwell is a fake doctor.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Would Lenny know the truth if it bit him on the arse? Nope...

From his newly secretified Eyn Rand account comes the above shite...

Is it true that Muslim nurses are exempt from washing their hands before surgery? No... Of course it fucking isn't but Lenny never lets the truth stand in the way of his posting racist shit does he?

The truth? Muslim nurses may be allowed to wear long sleeves where there is no infection risk. They have to follow EXACTLY the same hand washing protocols as everybody else and surgical nurses, like everybody else in the O.R, would be wearing long sleeved gowns, surgical gloves, surgical masks and head coverings. After thorough washing of course.

While I'm at it I would like to remind the idiot responsible for writing "You come to our country you follow our rules" and "Let's get 10,000 shares in support of Trump deporting those who refuse to adopt our culture" that the UK is NOT your country and Trump is NOT running the UK so... Go fuck yourself.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Man who's not a doctor thinks Soviet cosmonaut was a NASA astronaut.

Words cannot adequately describe how breathtakingly stupid you would have to be to post this idiotic shit.

In the absence of adequate words lets just say... "as breathtakingly stupid as Leonard Coldwell".

IRONY: Adjective - Having the appearance or characteristics of iron.

So Lenny is back from his latest enforced holiday from his main English language Facebook page having been banned again for supporting Donald Trump pasting hate-speech and boy is he making up for lost time with his scatter-gun posts about Hillary / Trump / Vaccinations and the usual shit.

I'm reminded by his many posts today along the lines of "Thum thay illegal imgrunts are steelin' mah tax dollar" that he has peviously claimed that he doesn't pay tax and you don't have to either... "Just buy my Only Answer To Tyranny book and save $$$$s" and that I've not yet got around to tipping off the North Carolina division of the IRS to his earnings from his Idiocy Based Medicine Scam Deutschland. He claims to have about 30,000 members at around €15,000 a go so that's about €45,000,000 or $47,842,650 at today's prices...

Dear IRS.

You might like to investigate the tax affairs of a certain Mr Leonard Coldwell who claims to have over $100 billion in assets and a billionaire lifestyle including a private jet, a butler, $250,000 in Rolex watches and $1000 lunches.

He also claims to be running a 'secret society' which is netting him in excess of $47 million per annum and to be a best selling author of Stephen Kingian proportions.

Or maybe he's just an habitual liar, a scam artist and generally full of shit. I'm sure you'll decide after an audit.

Yours etc.

But anyway...

Here are two posts from yesterday... See if you can spot the failure of joined-up-thinking...

Answers on a postcard to the usual address.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Der topf rief den kessel schwarz

According to Google Translate that headline means "The pot calling the kettle black" and according to Google Translate this article claims that Angela Merkel's PhD is a fake...

Remind me... Where can I read Not-A-Doctor Coldwell's FOUR PhD theses?..

Oh yeah... That's right... I can't because they don't exist anywhere outside of his fat, ignorant, lying head.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Whatever happened to "Life of a Healer!"? or... Lenny Goes To Hollywood...

I was looking back through some old screengrabs today and found something from 2014 I'd completely forgotten about...

...Yes it's the usual self aggrandising but appallingly badly written shite and flights of fantasy we've come to expect from Lenny including the totally ludicrous claim that he had received a...
"not [sic] from a medical doctor and professor for [sic] medicine stating that he used the information from my book The Only Answer to Cancer to cure himself from [sic] prostate cancer"
...Yeah Lenny... Course you did dear...

But any old road up... Something I hadn't actually noticed until now was this gem of a porkie which, even by the execrable standards of the Pompous Potsdam Putz, is quite spectacularly grandiose...
"...and there is a movie in the making about my life called Life of a Healer! It is a real Hollywood production and will be in Theaters[sic]"
...For fuck's sake... What is it with Lenny that makes him come out with such outrageous bullshit? It has to be pathological... It just has to be... Nobody who doesn't have some severely ingrained insecurity complex could come out with this shit let alone think people would believe it. Perhaps it has something to do with his height... Or his short if you're going to be more accurate. 

Needless to say two years later "Life of a healer!" has failed to take the box office by storm... Or even exist anywhere other than in the fevered imagination of a certain short, fat and utterly ridiculous fake doctor...

Screenplay For 
"Life Of A Healer Exclamation Mark
First Draft. 

Act One: Scene One.

Dramatis Personae.

A young Bernd Klein Leonard Coldwell........A young Chuck Norris

A younger Mutti Coldwell..............A younger Sigourney Weaver

Vater Coldwell (Nee Klein)..........................Donald Trump

Vater Coldwell's wig............Dougal from The Magic Roundabout

Adolf Hitler (The Lodger)................................Himself

God.................Samuel Motherfucking L Motherfucking Jackson

The New World Order.....................................The Jews

Big Pharma..............................................The Jews

A Kenyan Negro Doctor...............................Barack Obama

Satan......................................................A Jew

The Jews...................................................Satan

Man in a cheap suit..................Dr.Leonard Coldwell (Cameo)

The Cat.......................Custard out of Roobarb and Custard

The Dog.......................Roobarb out of Roobarb and Custard

The Wombles...........................Do not appear in this film

Dog turd on street.................................Kevin Trudeau

Scene: (Music (Deutscheland Uber Alles by Heinrich "Satchmo" Himmler and the SS Einsatzgruppen Choral Dance Troupe Ensemble) fades).

A boy (Leonard) plays in the snowy bombed out rubble of post war (1970) Berlin. His clothes are in rags, his feet are bare, his bones show clearly through his pale flesh as he hungrily hunts through the ruins for a scrap of food to take home to his mother who is dying of liver cancer, hepetitis C and cirrhosis (although he doesn't know this yet).

The terrible screams of pain from Momma Coldwell drift down from the bombed out flat above. Lenny looks up a the bombed out block of flats, his piggy little eyes wet with frozen tears...

Leonard (shouting): "I'm coming mutti... I'm coming... I have for us eine dead rat und eine mouldy cabbage leaf found for tea".

Camera pans with Leonard as he runs through the bombed out streets to the bombed out block of flats.

Dramatic cut to man coming out of bombed out door to bombed out flat - He carries a black bag a a stethoscope:

A Kenyan Negro Doctor: "Yo homie. Yo mus' be the son-a-dat Momma Coldwell bitch up there in da crib!"

Leonard: "Ya Kenyan Negro Doctor. She is mein mutti".

A Kenyan Negro Doctor: "Well yo listen up an yo listen up good boy... Yo momma has da cancer and da hepatitis C dat ain't even been discovered yet and dat bitch ain't got no more'n six months to live. Oh... And dat ho done got da cirrhosis too so she well fucked... Ya get me blood?"

Scene: Camera follows Leonard as he runs up the bombed out stairs to his bombed out flat on the 42nd floor.

Cut to interior shot of Leonard opening the bombed out door to the bombed out flat...

Leonard: "I'm home Mutti"

Momma Coldwell

The Cat: "Mieow!"

Momma Coldwell: "ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!"

The Dog: "Woof Woof!

Momma Coldwell: "ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!"

Adolf Hitler: "Heil Me!"

Momma Coldwell: "ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!"

A Jew: "
את העט של הדודה שלי נמצא"

Everybody: "That's easy for you to say"
Momma Coldwell: "ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!"

The Wombles: "-----------------------------------"
Momma Coldwell: "ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!"

Leonard: "Vot is it momma? Vhy do you gerscreamen all ov zee time?"

Momma Coldwell: "Because I have das cancer und das chirrosis und das hepetitis C vich has not been discovered yet unt ich only haben sechs months to gerliven you stupid boy."
Leonard: "Oh... Is zat all? Ich can cure zat easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy mit meine copyrighted und trademarked magical healing powers."

DIRECTORS NOTE: At this point Leonard performs a trademarked and copyrighted healing procedure which we are unable to depict because we are in the pocket of BIG PHARMA who have paid us $42,000,000 to hide da troof.

42 seconds later...
Momma Coldwell: "Ach!!! Mein darlink Leonard.... Du bist eine miracle arbeiter..."

Leonard: "Ya... Ich bin... I vill dedicate meine life to healing zer sick und this I gerswearen before gott."


Act 42: Scene 42.

Dramatis Personae.

An older Leonard Coldwell..................An older Chuck Norris

An older Mutti Coldwell................An older Sigourney Weaver

Adolf Hitler.............................................Himself

Äirline pilöt..................................Herman Göring

Voice of the Tannoy...............................Hilary Clinton

Scene: The departure lounge of Berlin airport. Music (Leaving on a jet-plane by Peter, Paul and Mary) fades.

Momma Coldwell: (Tearfully)"Ach... Meine dear Bernd... Sorry... Leonard... You behave yourself ven you get to Amerika von't you".

Leonard: "Of course I vill mutti".

Momma Coldwell:
"I vant you to do vell und study hard for your medical qualifications or at least buy some fake ones off zee internet".

Leonard: "Ja mutti... I vill".

Momma Coldwell:
"Und I vant you to go on zee internet und tell people you have four PhDs".

"Ja mutti... I vill".

Momma Coldwell:
"Und four doctor degrees und don't vergessen to tell everybody about that dentist convention you vent to in 1994... I'm sure that's a medical qualification".

"Ja mutti... I vill".

Momma Coldwell: "Und I vant you to buy lots of expensive Rolex vatches, und eine golden horsey statue und eine cheap blue suit that you vill wear for the next 20 years. Und I vant you to write lots of rambling books full of 
badly written scheiße vich 57,000,000 people vill buy".

Leonard: "Ja mutti".

Momma Coldwell: "Just make me proud of you meine klien Bernd... I mean Leonard... Don't turn in to a short, fat, lazy, scamming fraud that everybody laughs at or the sort of contemptible arsehole who would stoop using his own mother to sell his lies to the terminally gullible if he thought there was a quick
Deutsche Mark in it".

Leonard: "Nein mutti... But now I must go".

TANNOY: "Would all passengers for Luftwaffe flight 42 please go to gate 42 where your Heinkel 111 is about to depart".

Leonard: "Auf wiedersehen mutti".

Momma Coldwell: "Auf wiedersehen Bernd".

Leonard: "Leonard!".

Momma Coldwell: "Ja, ja... I meant Leonard".

Adolf Hitler:
"Don't vorget all I have taught you".

Leonard: "I von't uncle Adolf".

Äirline pilöt: "Don't I have any lines?"


"Life of a healer" my spotty white arse... This would be more like it.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Leonard Coldwell and Adolf Hitler... The Greatest Story Never Told....

Actually that headline is about as accurate as Never-Has-Been-And-Never-Will-Be-A-Doctor Leonard 'Cathy' Coldwell's medical claims because I've mentioned his love for Das Führer und das Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei before... Many times...

Of course I would never be so bold as to claim that Lenny is a "Jew hater" or claim that "he hates Jews" because he successfully sued four parties for that his McLawyers threatened to sue people for that before they threw him under the nearest bus...

So here we go... A few more proofs... As if any were needed... That Leonard Coldwell is a Nazi... An anti-Semite... A Hitler lover... A holocaust denier and a monumental arsehole...

You won't be surprised that when they say "New World Order" they mean Jews...

But then what do you expect from a man who repeats the 'Blood libel'?

Mind you... I was very amused to see that while Facebook was serving up Lenny's Nazi drivel it also served up this...

Yes... Yes I do...

Thursday, 3 November 2016

In which Lenny the immigrant rails against immigrants and needs geography lessons... Again.

Well Not-A-Doctor Leonard 'Cathy' Coldwell still has a couple of weeks on the naughty step when it comes to posting on her male persona English language (and I use the term in its loosest possible sense) Facebook page but that's not stopped him her... Whilst posing as 'Eyn Rand'... Continuing with the scatter-gun posts about either A) Hilarly Clinton or B) Immigrants or C) Hilary Clinton and immigrants.

Quite why Lenny thinks she ISN'T an immigrant when she quite clearly is... The fact she was born in one country and lives in another being a bit of a giveaway... Is anybody's guess but it probably has something to do with them being brown and Muslim while she is white and claiming... Utterly laughably... To be Christian.

Ordinarily I do what it appears 99.9% of his 'followers' do and simply ignore his idiotic posts but this one caught my eye...

... The reason it caught my eye is that being British and living amongst people of all races, religions and wotnot I can spot complete bollocks when I see it and this headline of...

 "ISLAMISTS to Brits: Christmas Lights Are A Violation Of Islam And Offensive…If You Don’t Remove Them, We Will!” 

...has an overpowering air of total bullshit about it... As a rule British people treat religious loonies of any flavour with a mixture of pity, contempt and mockery... And I'd not heard of it.

The reason I'd not heard of it becomes clear when you actually read the link...

Here's the actual text if you don't like squinting...

"The worldwide politically correct push reached a new low this month when many towns in Sweden banned the use of Christmas lights on the street to avoid offending the millions of Muslim migrants that have flooded their country in the last two years.
A SVT report stated that The Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) will not allow municipalities to erect Christmas
street lights on light poles that the authority manages, which means that many towns will have no lights at all for the holiday.

“The change is a victory for those who want to tone down the reminder of the country’s Christian traditions, but according to the Swedish Transport Administration, the decision for the drastic change is ‘security,’” Speisa reported.

 “Poles are not designed for the weight of Christmas lights, and we have to remove anything that should not be there,” said Eilin Isaksson, national coordinator at the Swedish Transport Administration, according to Infowars.
This argument that lights are too heavy and pose a safety risk is complete bogus, of course.
Authorities in Sweden actually expect people to believe that lights normally held up by tree branches are now too weighty to be supported by metal poles. In reality, these lights have simply been banned to avoid offending Muslim “refugees.”"

Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that in spite of the headline reading "
ISLAMISTS to Brits: “Christmas Lights Are A Violation Of Islam And Offensive…If You Don’t Remove Them, We Will!” the 'story' doesn't actually mention Britain once... Because it's about Sweden... And doesn't quote anybody telling anybody that Xmas lights are offensive to Muslims (which they ain't) or anybody telling anybody that they will remove them... Except the Swedish roads authority who have said quite clearly that it's for safety reasons... But no... The cretin who wrote that idiotic, click-bait, racist crap says its because the Muslims are all horrid because reasons...

...And Snopes says it's bollocks too.

...It's not even original... Not even close...

Here's what the Rationalwiki article on the "War On Christmas" has to say...

It's little known, even among those who promote this idea, that its modern-day form started out as a conspiracy theory promulgated by groups affiliated with the John Birch Society. In 1959, they released a pamphlet called "There Goes Christmas," in which they claimed that there was a new communist plot to "take the Christ out of Christmas" by replacing Christmas decorations with United Nations iconography. The Society claimed this was part of a larger push to stamp out religion altogether and cede US sovereignty to the UN. They urged their members to boycott any stores with "inappropriate decorations."
The JBS itself had developed the idea of a War on Christmas from inter-war anti-Semitic publications, particularly from Henry Ford's The International Jew. As part of a supposed move to take over the world it claimed that Jews were launching a "war on Christianity," with one paper lamenting, "Last Christmas most people had a hard time finding Christmas cards that indicated in any way that Christmas commemorated Someone's Birth." This was (of course) seen as a plot by Jewish conspirators who "consider any public expression of Christian character as being derogatory to [their] religion." Sound familiar?

So there we have it... A completely unoriginal  and totally false story made up by racists and repeated by racists who don't know the difference between The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and
Konungariket Sverige... So here's another one of my invaluable cut-out-and-keep maps for Leonora and her cretinous ilk...

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Coldwell, lies, repeated lies and lies about the truth....

The fact that Not-A-Doctor Leonard Coldwell is a pathological liar should be obvious to anybody with an ounce of critical faculties... From basic 'facts' like claiming to be a doctor when he's nothing of the kind through such inane and mathematically impossible nonsense as his claim to have cured 35,000 cancer patients in his 'European hospitals' which never existed.... And then there's curing Momma-Coldwell of Hepatitis C fifteen years before it was discovered (to say nothing of the fact that his mother's name isn't Coldwell of course) and being in general practice for 16 years when he has admitted himself he is 'not a doctor in Germany'...

Of his 'Nobel Prize', butler, private jet and €1000 lunches I need say nothing...

...But anyway...

As Coldwell's bromance with Donald 'rapist' Trump seems not to have been damaged by the fact Trump is a self-confessed sex criminal <ahem>That forcible fondling complaint against Coldwell</ahem> his desperate posting of long since discredited shit becomes ever more frequent and ever more delusional... Unless you think Rense, Endthefed and The National Enquirer are reliable sources that is... In which case I prescribe bashing your head with a housebrick until you come to your senses...

...But anyway...

Here we have a classic bit of Coldwell at his idiotic truth-dodging best... First he posts a totally false report that Pope Francis has endorsed Trump... A report that is debunked thoroughly on the actual fucking page he's linked to and then he immediately posts (for at least the fourth time) a long since debunked claim that the "Snopes CEO was arrested on charges of fraud and corruption" which was debunked EIGHT FUCKING YEARS AGO!..

It seems Coldwell's technique is 'Tell a lie, tell a lie about the people who tell you it's a lie and then lie about having done it'... I very much doubt that many of his moronic followers will have the brain-cells needed to see through such a transparent technique... Lets be honest... If they had any brain-cells they wouldn't be his followers in the first place...

Obviously charlatans and scammers, particularly ones pretending to be medical doctors, aren't going to like anybody who represents the rational, evidence based end of the internet... Truth and evidence are anathema to vile little frauds like him...

... Oh... Speaking of Coldwell's of lies...

No Lenny... You didn't... Like all of your predictions you only predicted it after it happened and then backdated it... Not how predictions work actually my short and grotesquely fat friend...

And it's bollocks too of course...

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Leonard Coldwell and rape... Again.

In a puerile attempt to distract from his boyfriend Donald Trump's boasting of his sex crimes Lenny has posted this from his boyfriend Jeff Rense...

In that spirit I offer I offer you this 'linkd' from my "really close friend" Salty Droid....

Dr. Leonard Coldwell's HandsOn Healing. 

"In 2007 :: after two women came into the police station complaining about suffering strikingly similar sexual abuse at the not clean hands of NotDoctor Coldwell … Mt. Pleasant’s Detective Willis opened an investigation into Coldwell’s dubiousness … and found it."

And from this blog... This...

...and this.

Lenny posts an ancient hoax as real... Again... And doesn't read what he posts... Again.

 "The Chinese eat baby soup" says Lenny...

...and then seems to have not bothered even reading the opening sentence of this post...
...Or perhaps he changed his mind and realised the whole flouride thing he's been plugging for years is about as credible as the Chinese eating baby soup.

Link to article. 

Monday, 10 October 2016

Leonard Coldwell, Donald Trump and Indecent Assault....

As Lenny posts Hilary, Hilary, Hilary, Hilary links I'm wondering why he hasn't so much as mentioned Trump's boasting about his sexual crimes...

Maybe it has something to do with this...

Full "Forcible Fondling" report HERE.

Or maybe he doesn't actually give a shit because women... or "disgusting fucking whores" as he so pleasantly refers to them... who get raped deserve it for not fighting back hard enough.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Who's stupider? Lenny or his followers?

Well there's not been much worthy of comment recently from Loopy-Lenny...  Just a lot of conspiracy theory shit, posts about the next president Clinton's supposed ill health and corruption and, bizarrely, something about Obama being gay??? Eh???

There was however this little gem which Not-A-Doctor Coldwell has repeatedly posted...

Now... Quite clearly the story is complete bollocks and they are quite clearly two different people and I'm pleased if somewhat shocked that one of his followers, Bill Blake, actually points out it's bollocks... But Susan Steinberg (sounds a bit Jewish to me Lenny) reclaims the moronic low-ground with...

"Do you believe PCs were invented by Bill Gates?"
Err... No Susan... That would be IBM.

Friday, 23 September 2016

In which Lenny doesn't read the pages he links to.... Again...

Well there's not been a huge amount to report from Lenny-Land over the last few weeks.... The usual anti-Muslim, anti-Hillary and anti-Obama crap, plus a lot of "Look how fabulously wealthy and famous I am" nonsense and not much more but today I came across another great example of Coldwell not actually reading the webpages he links to...

First we had this...

...and then without pausing for breath this...

Clearly Lenny-The-Liar didn't actually bother to read either of them because what the have to say about his brudda-from-anudda-mudda, Joseph Mercola, is not exactly brimming over with enthusiasm.

Probably the funniest thing about this is the fact that Not-A-Doctor Coldwell is actually linking to Science Blogs a.k.a Respectful Influence which has a couple of posts about him...

Here are a few little quotes from Orac a.k.a REAL doctor David Gorski...

"Not surprisingly, Coldwell is not a real doctor. He’s never, as far as I’ve been able to tell, earned an MD, although, like Robert O. Young, he has degrees from diploma mills. Actually, it’s not clear what, if any, degrees he has, although he’s referred to himself as an ND and having four PhDs.
The bottom line is that Leonard Coldwell is a cancer quack of the most despicable sort. There’s no evidence he can cure cancer. There’s no evidence that he even knows what he’s talking about with respect to cancer and lots of evidence that he is utterly clueless about cancer biology. If there’s one thing I always dread about Breast Cancer Awareness Month is that it always brings quacks like Coldwell out of the woodwork."


"The closest I’ve ever come to going “full Orac” was when a patient asked me about Leonard Coldwell, because I view him to be as much a charlatan and con man as Brian Clement. I quickly restrained myself, but could not hide my alarm that my patient was thinking of going to Coldwell."


Well done fatso... You've made yourself look like the idiot you are... AGAIN.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Lenny Totally Loses The Plot... Not That He Ever Had It....

This is going to be one of my longest ever posts but stick with it as it's very entertaining to watch a supposed expert on beating stress getting seriously stressed out and losing the plot entirely...
I've commented before on Lenny's habit of posing with shiny things which show off his supposed immense wealth and yesterday he was at it again...

Yeah... Really nice watches Lenny... Not...

Who in the real world would envy such tacky pieces of horological tatt?.. Who with a shred of taste would waste €290,000 on pimp-bling like that? Even his own fans didn't seem to be very impressed... Here's a selection of comments as ineptly translated by Facebook...
"Strut strut, actually I was dr c nice. I think I just changed my mind."

"This is so silly"

"What exactly do you think to achieve?"
"Envy!!!! That's me so don't care"

"You can have a full account, a steady job and a roof over your head. But it is not good for your heart, all that is worthless!"

"Dear Leonhard, if it's true, I find that it is not so great. Sure it is damaging our awareness of the global scientific medicine system."

"Have you not noticed how sad this is, to post something like this? Is this the direction the dr. Coldwell strikes?...."

"I have my family, love, cohesion....... because I don't need no expensive watches"

"who cares about a thing like that"

"Those are nice watches. . I am not jealous. Dr. Coldwell for me is a genius. . A really great one. . But the post is cheap!!!"

"Got myself the Rolex, unfortunately, shows your level, your health products are a long way overpriced. I know that I'm from Dr. Coaching of heroes as recommended, at this time, no time for this.
"Since I wear a Rolex I know you will only pay the name for Rolex the quality how real sapphire glass, etc. There's even watches in under 100 €, the whole comparable quality around 1000 € of honest asians grossfirmen but without jewelry."

"Is this selfishness? I respect the knowledge very from dr c. There was really the ego!"

"With this kind of action you disappoint me, shame, shame......"

"With this post your group is disqualified. Who sows the harvest and not just good.... preach water and drink wine, then we have the like. By the way, Patek Phillipe are by far the most beautiful and most expensive watches in the world. In contrast, Rolex looks more like a pimp, watch out. This has nothing to do with envy, but with style."
"If I had a lot of money, I would never 3 watches for 290000 Euro Buy I find that out of his head. It shows that they actually only partially off that's not nice."

"It's all just material things.... yawn"

"I don't understand, why so much money spent on a clock. It can be a bite? So you can create something? I feel here honestly no envy. Just a little disappointment this a kapitalumverteilng because of vanity and faith takes place. I have nothing against jewelry and ornaments. But that's just an optical matter and that's why I can't see the sense that it is so much money is being spent. For me a sign that humanity still has not changed."

"Slowly taking the post's here from Dr. Coldwell strange trains. What's with the watches? It would be better here is objectively and not as a kindergarten organized as in the last time. You can also make you lose credibility when posting such waste."

"Who need it, so has to brag.... it's pretty poor.... blessed"

"Now you are a really great one... people who grew up in prosperity, never post anything like that. They are little man in my eyes. #Dislike #inferiority complex"

"And always remember: it is only the evil pharmaceutical industry, the you the money out of my pocket to draw.
The Dr. C is totally humble and makes it out of philanthropy!!!!"

"He is so unselfish this bernd Klein. Who actually money to such a con artist brings must be absolutely inane."

"A Self-expression of self-love"

"No envy, just not nice, I'm glad it's pretty watches for less money. Keep calm you at rolex"
Lenny doesn't seem to have grasped the fact that he can't realistically make himself out to be a great philanthropist and humanitarian whilst simultaneously boasting of his incredible imaginary wealth. He must know by now that the truth is well and truly out there when it comes to his fake qualifications, fake life story and fake claims to humanitarianism. He can't put the cat back in the bag so he's reverted to his tired old "I'm immensely rich and everybody who criticises me is just jealous" schtick.

But it doesn't work any more...

The idea that anybody would be so envious of such ludicrously tasteless chronographs as to give themselves an ulcer is too idiotic for words... Personally speaking I've not worn a watch since I started carrying a mobile phone two decades ago and even when I did wear a watch it was a £100 present from my other half. It told the time well enough and as I didn't need to bolster my fragile ego with conspicuous consumption it was every bit as good as a Rolex... Or a fake Rolex...

The above Facebook post was made yesterday morning UK time... Within minutes of my mocking it on my Twitter feed... POOF!!! It was gone...

...about an hour or two after deleting his post he posted this incandescent-with-rage screed.... Supposedly written by one of his secretaries... The no doubt very lovely 'Catherine'. If you ask me it has Lenny's pudgy little finger-prints all over it...

...and it goes on... and on... and on... For over 2000 words.

Here is the complete post in all of its automatically translated fury with my comments added. I've divided it up into something like normal paragraphs rather than just one long 2100 word paragraph because Lenny... Sorry.... Catherine doesn't seem to have bothered

"This is my last post here! I'm sick of it!"
We should be so lucky...

"Stupid-people-test carried out successfully."
Oh... It was test was it? Nothing to do with people taking the piss out of your vulgar watches and your vulgar display of 'wealth'?

"Catherine Dr Cs Personal Assistant has carried out a test yesterday to see how gehirngewaschen and stupid-socially the Germans with a communist ideas are indoctrinated."
Communist? What the fuck? What planet is this guy on?

"Test was some of dr cs watches via photo to post to all hidden envious people and losers find on our pages. So this is a regular stupid-people cleaning. On the other hand, dr c has instructed us to test why the Germans still so poor even though they are the strongest economic power in the world are (per capita)."
Why does Germany not lick my arse for being so magnificently wealthy I can post a picture of three tacky looking watches which I claim are worth €260,000? The ungrateful fuckers... They should be bowing down before their god!!!

"The answer for your individual poverty is your brainwashing. The NWO and their super puppets like merkel, don't want your money, because you could be otherwise. You could get healthy food and health etc and not be afraid of diseases."
Why does he assume people need to be told what a healthy diet is by a short and VERY FAT old man who is hardly a picture of youthful vigour?

"You could get a lawyer or more, and to your right."
So can you Lenny... Put your immense fortune where your immense mouth is. Get a lawyer and sue me.

"You can tell your children healthy clothes and shoes so that they are not from China products are being poisoned or the healthy growth through wrong footwear."
Eh? Poisoned footwear from China? W.T.A.F?

"You could stop being jealous because you yes in the deepest part all jealous of successful people and their property, and instead of envy and self-loathing and the attempt to hinder success, and even earn money from you that you claim you want or Don't need this luxury goods or the luxury holidays etc really finally even afford. Envy is only because you want something that you can't afford it, and thus no other treats."
Lenny... Seriously... Give over with the “everybody envies my immense wealth” routine... Nobody believes it any more. Your IBMS Deutschland scheme is at the very least your FIFTH attempt at running a get rich quick scheme and like all of your previous attempts (NAPS, “Lenny The Life Coach” GIN and IBMS USA) it will end ignominiously when your pitiful collection of suckers finally realise you're full of shit and have nothing to offer apart from “The Law of Attraction” garbage and a lot of boasting crap.

"Here but the core of this postes: you have been trained to like animals to accept it, it is acceptable to be poor. (but it's not, if your children are driving an expensive car, 10 times they are as safe as in the cheap boxes) you will be made with a rothschild system from taxes, interest and rent always kept arm now whether you believe them or not ...... You will be with the tax office and illegal taxes (slavery) below and the laws of any legal basis in chess and have kept quiet. And you're naive enough to think that that is acceptable and is right."
Taxes are illegal? Really? I seem to remember your former husband Kevin Trudeau saying that... You remember him don't you Lenny? You were his “personal physician in Europe and there are still plenty of videos of you billing and cooing over each other before he sacked you and then got jailed.

Presumably YOU don't pay your "illegal" taxes either... Does the North Carolina office of the IRS know about your magnificent wealth? Perhaps I'll give them a call and put them in the picture... Does the word 'audit' mean anything to you?

"You're like dogs trained and conditioned! An example:
Danielle will post a photo of dr c before the new natures tribute poster and an asocial rat post as a comment: the power but also to all the money
Here is my comment: this stupid a... is so important is trained to behave like programmed, if someone is successful. I wonder, what are you working or this brain-washed failure with this conditioned envious behavior? For Money I think."
Sorry... Can't decipher that at all.

"Money is the only measuring tool for success and the only way to happiness and freedom! Oh I can hear your communist thoughts and the trained behavior: money alone is also not happy. Money can't buy love. (really? ) everything is nothing without a lot of money a lot of money. Money is freedom, training for your children, good partnerships (by money worries break most relationships. ). Only money is freedom or your boss and duchgeknallte officials or your best friend from social services which gives you the food stamps, you should be monitoring your life, just because you have to mark not to starve to death.

Money is the only tool for measuring success and if you're not 100% devoted to accumulating wealth you will be poor and unhappy... Really?"
No Lenny it really isn't and I would've thought that somebody who constantly rails against the greed of BIG FARMER/The Rothschilds/The Jews and boasts of his unaccredited but very prestigious Doctor of Humanities degree would know better.

This might come as something of a surprise to you but most people are content with a moderate income and moderate tastes with as much time as possible spent with family and friends doing what they enjoy. OK... Most people can't afford a wardrobe full of custom made Rolexes... I very much doubt you can either but you are missing the fact that most people don't WANT a collection of Rolexes and wouldn't waste €260,000 on them even if they COULD afford it. Does a 24kt diamond encrusted Rolex tell the time any better than a £100 Accurist? No... It doesn't. The only reason anybody would waste money to that extent is a vulgar display of conspicuous consumption... It might impress morons but everybody else thinks it make you look a pratt.

"Money and wealth are the only tool to be healthy and happy. Just so you can do is afford the regular holidays a charge and keeping healthy. Only with a lot of money do you have time for your children. Only with a lot of money, there is less stress and worry!"
My father was an engineer with a modest income... He had time for us because he worked a 40 hour week and earned enough to feed and clothe us and put a modest roof over our head. What's wrong with that?

Even if you were as wealthy as you claim... And I don't believe you are wealthy at all... It doesn't seem to have bought you any happiness. I've seen your multiple Facebook accounts and you seem to live in a perpetual state of anger. You don't like Jews, you don't like black people, you don't like Muslims, you don't like Mexicans, you don't like liberals... In fact you don't actually seem to like anybody except Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler.

All that stress can't be doing you any good Bernd. Particularly when you must have a BMI that would make a hippopotamus wince. In my professional clinical opinion you look a lot like what doctors call "A heart attack waiting to happen".

"There is no good, effective experts (Doctor, lawyer, consultant, trainer etc) the broke. Because money is the logical consequence of good results for his patients, readers, students, etc."
Nonsense... Not everybody is obsessed with wealth for the sake of it like you... Not that you are actually wealthy of course... Your act is pitifully transparent.

 "Why should otherwise 57 million people dr cs books in 9 languages have bought?"
Oh... You've sold 57 million books now have you? That would put you in the running for one of the best selling authors of all time and yet your books are published by a company that runs a vanity press and you have virtually no presence on Amazon and no presence at all on Wikipedia.

Last week you were claiming to have 57 million 'readers' which isn't the same thing. If you had really sold 57 million books that would put you somewhere in the Stephen King catagory of authors but NO FUCKER HAS EVER HEARD OF YOU.

Pull the other one Lenny... It's got bells on...

"And why not buy your book, if you have one. Nothing is essential because you've done or unusual. Why did dr c 1.6 billion views on his videos? Something vital because he has to say."
1.6 billion? That's funny because a few months ago you were claiming 1.3 MILLION... Those servers at YouTube must be near melting point with those other 1,598,700,000 views in just a few weeks.

Do you EVER think or reach for a calculator before you pull numbers out of your arse or do you simply not care how ridiculous you make yourself appear with these grandiose claims?

"Why is the the meis booked guest on all radio and tv interviews and will always be ordered? Because of the best in his field is and something important has to say, that the entire humanity helps, healthier and happier."
I've noticed that when you say 'radio and TV' what you actually mean is 'INTERNET radio' and 'INTERNET TV'... Not really the same thing Lenny old sport.

"If a speaker or coach of the best part is that he will also paid. Money is the natural reflection of the services and lasting results.
Why trained dr c for the largest company in the world. Because He's the most effective and best in the world is, at what he does."
Please name these “largest companies in the world” so I can give them a call.

"If we do not take the 700 000 euros a year to pay legal bills and could have the losers and potential murderers from the medicine and pharmacy long silenced! If we are not the best bodyguards for dr c could pay, wouldn't it be at the 4 Mordversuchen stayed."
Did you really spend €700,000 on that lawsuit against Connie, Jason, RW and WHOIS? I hope you got your money back because that was the most inept lawsuit I've ever seen. Even the inept lawyers could see through your lies and dumped you...  And then there was the case against Jason a few years ago where your lawyer also dumped you and you failed to appear in court.

"How did dr c $ 5.1 million in his education and training in the last 4 decades pay? Because He's the best, and often the only one who stay at the highest level results can produce and therefore also always best has been paid."
$5,100,000 and yet all you have to show for it are half a dozen crappy, worthless cards from internet based 'alternative health' organisations, a few amateurish certificates... Oh... And a badly altered fax that says you went to a dentist's convention in Berlin in 1994... Even then you have altered the name on the 'certificate' from something to 'Dr Leonard Coldwell... A name you hadn't even thought of at that stage. I'm guessing that even with your 'psychology doctorate' from that defunct diploma mill you'd still have change from $1000.

Where are these other three doctorates that you sometimes claim you've got and sometimes seem to forget about? Where are your four 'doctor degrees' whatever they are? Where is there any evidence whatsoever that you were qualified to practice medicine in Germany?.. You were in general practice for 16 years after all weren't you?

"Money a lot of money is the only yardstick for realizing. If you need a lawyer, do you want the housing in the basement as loose lives, with holes in the clothing and unwashed (proof for versagertum) or the lawyer of the 10 partner 50 secretaries and 20 $ 000 Suits like dr c is wearing? Who do you think you can best protect and defend your right to get. Who is poor, is also not worth anything to performance measured. Poverty is a way of life. (means have given up on themselves to believe."
I've seen your lawyers Lenny... Culbertson and Associates... They live in what looks like a converted fire-station (just like the Ghostbusters... Cool eh?) and I've seen your suits... They look more like $20.00 from a charity shop than $20,000... For god's sake man... I've seen tramps better dressed than you and that blue suit you're wearing while you pose next to your new range of alternative 'supplement' doesn't even cover your ever expanding gut.

"The only cause of cancer and other autoimmune disorders, is always stress. Mental and emotional stress. A life lived in fear, worry, doubt, hopelessness, lack of self-love and lack of hope! All of this is the result of a lack of resources. With enough money you can his life challenges with a stick."
Two words... 'Steve' and 'Jobs'.

"If someone like dr c 9000 plus time on radio and tv interviews was, 3 years in advance is sold out, 1.4 million thank-you got the confirm that all these people dr c owe their lives etc then this is the result of it He's the only one of the best is and money is the natural reflection for success and results."
Fantasy doesn't become fact through repetition you know Lenny... Booked three years in advance for what? You rarely do anything apart from repost bigoted crap on Facebook... You always find time for that... When you're not banned that is.

"Those who have no money have themselves to blame. Poverty is a reflection of what ought to be the man inside believes that he is worth."
Or perhaps they're not obsessed with money for its own sake... By the way... Extreme wealth and extreme poverty are two ends of a continuum... In the middle there are varying degrees of content with modest means and time to enjoy life.

"Dr C is the most powerful person in the today's alive"
Hahahahaha... Really? I wonder which is biggest... The observable universe or  1% of your inflated ego.

"9000 plus emails per day."
Spam is a bugger innit?

"Consultant of most of the most powerful people in the world."
Name just one.

"The only one who can be proven to cure cancer."
You have NEVER proven you have cured even ONE person of anything let alone cancer.

"Millions of thanks to videos, audios etc. His website is in the top 0.5 % of all websites in the world."
Top 0.5% puts you in the top 5,000,000... Yes FIVE FUCKING MILLION... Congratulations... Idiot.

"In everything he does he is demonstrably the very best."
Says himself and nobody else... Well... His mother perhaps.

"He has countless true friends since 30, 40 years ago. Who's seen him live and get to know why the friend know the dr c for many decades."
You have friends? Poor sods.

"Everything live all facts all provable!"
Then why have you NEVER proven a single one of your ludicrous claims?

"Who in dr cs seminars with his mother speaks, know what I'm talking about."
Yeah... My mum came to see me in a nativity play too... I was third wise man... The one with the myrrh... It was a vase with tinfoil on it really but impressive none the less.

"Dr C is mega rich because he deserved it."
No Lenny... You're not. Nobody believes you have a private jet, a butler and a fleet of luxury cars.

"Wealth have to be earned. Money reflects the value of the people who provide for other people, is the reflection of services for others. Those who have no money is worth nothing, in relation to his services for others. Poor alternative practitioner as well as poor lawyers."
What in the name of holy fuck are you wibbling on about now you buffoon? The nice lady on the supermarket checkout this morning has performed a more valuable service to others than you ever have.

"And so that you may in Germany all helpless and docile are and will remain, you're drizzling with social (Communist) to be a good idea and sit you constantly a new brainwashed by the media. Just so your arm remains and even defended the right and look at."
The fact that people find your "Money is everything and I'm mega-wealthy, just look at my expensive watches" puerile and egotistical does not make them communists... It makes them human beings...

"Dr C has proved it all, he has 4 Doctor Title (everything can be viewed on the web)..."

No Lenny... You have proven nothing. That pitiful collection of crap on your bio site does not make you a doctor any more than your four fantasy PhDs do... They just make you look dumb.

"...was approved doctor until he on 18 January 2016 his approval for business has not renewed."
You are not a doctor... Not now... not in the past.. and you never will be. Incidentally you really ought to put more effort into keeping your story straight because you have been making the same claim about retiring from treating patients for years and it's always a different story.

Here's a direct offer from me to you... Post on the internet a single copy of a licence to practice medicine issued to you in any country at any time and I'll take this whole blog down... Completely and permanently.


"He's got millions of fans and the is the person with the most genuine friends in the world. I wonder why?"
He says...

"He never has to be, that's why millions of paid for it with his name and reputation being damaged."
Another 'fact' you've pulled directly out of your arse... Not one shred of evidence.

"Due to the fact that all the accusations are only lying to him and never will be anything negative will be demonstrated. If there is even the slightest sin, knew would give the whole world now. Believe me."
Nobody does believe you Lenny and as for "If there is even the slightest sin, knew would give the whole world now" the truth about your lies, deceit and scamming ARE out there for the whole world... That's what's really worrying you hence your serial attempts at law suits to silence your critics... All of which have FAILED!

"Definierungsversuche such as he is not a doctor or even has a doctor title already therefore fall flat because it's been 30 years since the dr c in Germany is never a court judgment against him. Reason: it's all true what he says. Nothing can surpass the truth. Dr C would be in prison for a long time, if he does not tell the truth."
You are stupid but you're not stupid enough to try to pretend to be a medical doctor in Germany like you do in the USA because you aren't qualified and the German authorities would be down on you like a tonne of bricks. You have said yourself that your 'qualifications' are not valid in Germany and you do not have the title of doctor there. You can't have it both ways... Either you were in general practice in Germany for 16 years, in which case you are a doctor or you aren't a doctor in which case your story about being in general practice is a lie. It's blindingly obvious to anybody with a scrap of intelligence that you tell totally different and contradictory stories to different audiences.

"Then believe so many stupid people, that one of the meistbeschäftigsten people of the world his own facebook pages, etc. How stupid can one be only. Of course, there are instructions from dr c as the are to operate."

Leonard my dear fat friend... You clearly don't seem to grasp the fact that due to your poor literacy and habit of repeating the same boasts over and over again your writing style is quite distinctive.

You've been telling this "I didn't post that... Amy / Sarah / hackers / Facebook / Catherine / some passing cat did" story every time you realise you've made a tit out of yourself for years. Do you seriously expect people are going to believe there are all of these people with access to your accounts all posting things that make you look like you?

"Because the envious people and enemy nothing to dr c have to invent can attack and create fake websites the only fuller lies are and use your own web site as proof of their lies."
Please supply the URL of these 'fake websites' because I can't find any of them... Or do you mean this blog, Connie's blog, Salty Droid and Rationalwiki none of which are FAKE. They all have contact email addresses on and are all open to being served with another of your ill-advised and fatally doomed libel suits. Once again the email address for this blog is leonardnotwell[at]

"If something isn't it would be the dr c says his 92.3 % Cancer Rate (out of 3 doctors confirmed and several studies)."
You have never provided a scrap of credible evidence that you have ever cured anybody of anything anywhere in the world. Your 92.3% claim only goes back about five years to the time you invented it. The three 'independent' verifications you claim come from two 'institutes' that don't exist and your friend and fellow quack Thomas Hohn... You remember him don't you? He was at your IBMS meeting last week... I've seen (and saved) the pictures.

Incidentally I can add up and and your story about being in general practice doesn't add up unless you started medical school at the age of fifteen. Given you've quite clearly never been to medical school at all everybody can work out you are lying through your teeth.

"If he had no doctor title, if he's not the only successful on his territory, he'd be in a long time been in court. But instead of having to prove that the envious people and paid internet trolls, have the right to throw this only with baseless and false accusations to be the only way."
What do you mean 'if'? You DON'T have a doctor title. Let's look at your utterly laughable 'doctor' qualifications...

1. Doctorate in psychology from Columbia State University c1998 - Worthless crap from a now defunct diploma mill.

2. Honorary Doctor of Humanities from Louisiana Baptist University c2011 - More worthless crap from a diploma mill. Does not entitle you to practice medicine and it's actually very bad form to use an honorary title and downright deceptive to omit the 'h.c.' (honoris causa).

Then moving onto your 'accredation' certificates on your bio website which look like they were created in Microsoft Paint by a colourblind quadriplegic...

3. American Alternative Medicine Association 11/11/2002 - Worthless crap. Current cost of certificate $285. Not a medical qualification.

4. American Association of Drugless Practitioners 11/11/2002 - Worthless crap. Current cost of certificate $285. Not a medical qualification. Actually the same organisation as at 3 above.

5. National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals 27/10/2007 - Source not available on Google. Probably now the Trinity School of Natural Health. Certificate charge $1,250. Certainly not a medical qualification.

6. The Institute of the Natural Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals (what a mouthful) c2007 - Source not available on Google. Probably now the Trinity School of Natural Health as at 5 above. Certificate charge $1,250. Certainly not a medical qualification.

7. World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners 2009 - This is probably the most outstanding certificate on display... Outstanding for its amateurishness. I've seen more professional certificates produced by a five year old chimp with a box of crayons. The WORNMP is based out of what appears to be a mail-drop in Toronto Canada and their website is laughably full of quackery and nonsense. Most certainly NOT a medical qualification.

8. A framed chip from the Berlin wall c2003 - No... I don't know how this counts as accreditation either... Totally bizarre.

9. A copy of a faxed certificate of attendance at a dentist's convention amateurishly edited to change the name to "Dr Leonard Coldwell" from whatever it used to say. 10/03/1994 - No... Me either.

10. A certificate from The Sovereign Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller. 2009 - Actually I was wrong at 7 above when I said it was the worst certificate. This 'Diploma in Professional Health Counselling (DIP.PHC)' is absolutely clip-art-tastic in its artless execution. The SMOOTKN, a.k.a the Sacred Medical Order Church of Hope, is a completely bogus organisation based in St Kitts Nevis. Certificate charge $1000. Not a medical qualification.

11. The other three PhDs and the four 'Doctor Degrees'... No evidence whatsoever that they have ever existed outside of your own empty head.

So there you have it... All of the board certified this, doctorate in that and diplomas in the other actually add up to precisely the square root of fuck all.

"Because the nothing what the envious people have their defa mierung skampa can never build, write in comments that the spelling isn't right. (only stupid focus on knowledge as grammar and intelligent people focus on the often lifesaving content). This following: how can someone be so stupid to believe dr c is doing his own posts on FB. (this is so incredibly funny)"
Your poor spelling, poor punctuation, abysmal capitalisation, malapropisms and ranting style make it quite obvious that it's you posting Lenny... Unless of course you specially train your imaginary staff to make post containing exactly the same poor spelling, poor punctuation, abysmal capitalisation, malapropisms and ranting style as your own posts... A 'house style' if you will.

"1. Dr C is for 32 years in the United States and speaks only English. What he on Katie or Danielle to post forwards is written in English where there are also no big and small letters, and of his secretaries via Google Translator, translated and post so. So complain the paid informers and internet trolls on the spelling and lead this as proof that it spelling mistakes in the translation is that he's not a doctor or a doctor can be, because the spelling in German language a us American is not correct. This is the same as one would say :"at night it's colder than outside""
No BIG or small letters in written English? Not in yours maybe but I have an English language O level (grade C) and I seem to use them quite a bit. What a ridiculous thing to say.

I really can't work out what he's trying to say... Is it that a 'mega-best-selling author', who is a native German speaker and 'mega-rich' is incapable of writing his own posts or employing a secretary who is fluent in German and has instead to rely on Google translate? Really?

22 book best seller in 9 languages, 4.6 million live seminar participants 35 000 from dr c personally with ibm's cured patients. Million healed through his books and videos and interview information indirectly healed. The largest company in the world call dr c the only the immediate permanent and constantly growing positive results in people can lead.

A best selling author who is barely literate? OK...

As for your fantasy about the 35,000 cancer patients Lenny... Well... I've said it before... I can add up. I can also multiply and divide and on a good day subtract and work out averages and this claim is patently absurd.

Even if we ignore the 16 years you were supposed to have been in general practice the amount of time available to you would mean you diagnosed, treated, 'cured' and followed up each patient in just over 40 minutes... Total.

If you'd claimed it was 3,500 you might... just might... be saying something believable but not you... If you're going to tell a lie you like to make it a whopper. This is why your lies are so pitiful.

44 years of provable successes in never before geahnter and inimitable form are not enough for the stupid-people are still not enough because their brain this scope to success not process or understand. Losers just can't understand how someone a winner a champion can be. This is exactly why the yes also remain poor and failure.
44 years of charlatanism, fakery and scamming perhaps.

"Never mind, I just got dr c said that I am no longer prepared to me with such idiots kinda the are so stupid that you and say or want to dictate what we post on our pages or not supposed to. The stupidity of this worthless clowns is easy for me. Unbelievable. We give this waste life-saving information and have the audacity to want to tell us how we (Champions with a proven track record and a lot of money) our work to do."
Has Lenny... sorry 'Catherine'... been living under a rock for the last ten years? He... sorry... she, doesn't seem to have grasped the concept of social media. The whole fucking point of Facebook is that people CAN comment on what you say. If you don't want people to disagree with you then lock down your profile and don't 'friend' people or post to your own website... Otherwise grow a fucking backbone.

"I was the the here for dr c all health issues has answered. I'm his chiropractors, Naturopathic Doctor and friend for 31 years and have to tell you, most of you are not a single syllable to help and information here worth it."
Maybe I'm missing something but what does a man who claims to be the world's leading doctor want with a doctor? I thought all illness was caused by stress and only you can heal yourself.

"Dr c needs you but not a day will come when you will realize that you need it and its information training and help. Why do you think we have with the ibm's ms in just 10 months over 29 000 members? Because we produce results and not others. It's easy! And we're all financially independent because we do it in the truest sense of the word deserve:"

29,000 members but I count only 43 people in the group photo at the weekend's shindig.

I really must drop the North Carolina tax office a line about these 29,000 members. What's the going rate for joining the IMBSMS these days?.. $1000 or so? That would be 29 million dollars to pay tax on... OUCH!

"Now you complaining about my grammar in German and focus on the lack of punctuation etc instead to understand the dr c just save your life and wanted to make it better."
When I was at school I was taught that failure to at least make an effort to use correct spelling, punctuation, capitalisation, syntax and grammar shows a lack of respect for your reader. I'm not perfect and make mistakes like everybody else but I do at least TRY.

Dr Vincent Alexander from now on, former coaching for ibm's ms in Germany. I don't waste second more with undankbarem wissern pack and better."
Sorry folks... I can't make any sense of that.

"Schlaumeiern and stupid-people poverty fight, love and success to vaccinations, Chemtrails, Monsanto poisons etc to die. Loves the poverty and the envy. You poor, poor and proud of it."
I can't make much out of that but it contains the word 'chemtrail' so it's bound to be bollocks.

So... There you have it...

Lenny makes a fool of himself and then, rather than just discretely deleting the post and forgetting about it, he goes off on an epic rant which makes him look an even bigger fool. He doesn't even have the balls to post under his own name and invents 'Catherine' to do it.

Even by your execrable standards Lenny... That's pathetic.

I'm pleased to say that as of that post Not-A-Doctor 'Catherine' hasn't posted in over 24 hours... Perhaps he's on his private jet being served €1000 lunches by his butler whilst wearing one of his €20,000 suits and a €260,000, 24ct, custom made, diamond encrusted Liberace watch.