Tuesday, 8 August 2017

I have become (the announcer of) death. The destroyer of meat feast pizza.

Good evening loyal readers...

In truth I have very little to report on viz-a-viz the inane ramblings of everybody's least favourite pretend doctor. He's still not doing anything particularly noteworthy above and beyond posting shit on Facebook and getting himself banned repeatedly for what he claims is posting cancer cures but is in reality for posting hate-speech. So the same old same old really.

I couldn't however resist commenting on this...

Yes folks... Here we see Lenny and Lurch from The Adam's Family General Albert Stubblebine III and Rima Laibow who he describes, with the usual modesty, as "true friends. 3 PERSONS WHO ARE NUMBER 1 in their territory."

Now... Leaving aside the fact that he can't even spell his 'true friends' names correctly there's the minor fact that his 'true friend' Rima doesn't seem to have told her 'true friend' Lenny that his 'true friend' General Bert 3 is what people who talk like what I talk call 'Brown Bread'... Yep... He snuffed it, went to meet his bookmaker, rang down the curtain and joined the choir invisible six month ago.

Rima Laibow (I don't know if she is or was a real doctor as opposed to a pretend doctor like Lenny) was in fact the wife of General Bert 3 and used his illness and death as just another way of raising money for her Natural Solutions Foundation scam. As my overflowing email spam directory proves. Incidentally... Gen B3 'went to live on a farm' in spite of the 'natural' ministrations of Rima.

So there you go Lenny... Your 'true friend' is pushing up the daisies and I suggest the next time you dig around in your 'old pictures I can use in my scams' directory for stuff to post between the fake news and racism you check to see if your 'true friend' and fellow 'number 1 in their territory' (and I think you mean 'field' rather than territory to be honest) you check to see if they're still drawing breath.

My sincere condo-diddly-odences as Ned Flanders would say.

PS: Unlike Lenny and Possibly-A-Real-Doctor Laibow General Bert actually has a Wikipedia page... It's... Err... Odd... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Stubblebine