Thursday, 15 December 2016

Fake doctor cites highly qualified ex-model as expert on vaccinations....

Melania "What first attracted you to multi millionaire Donald?" Trump gave a speech supporting the anti-vaxxers... Except she didn't really and anyway this largely bullshit story is six months old.

I'm not sure whose medical opinion I value more... That of an old, fat, bald, racist and totally fake doctor with four entirely imaginary PhDs and four non-existent 'doctor degrees' or a retired, gold-digging, ex-model with an imaginary degree in architecture*.  

I think I'll stick to taking the advice of people with genuine expertise who stand some chance of knowing what the fuck they are talking about.

*   "In July 2016, Melania's official website was redirected to On Twitter, she stated that her site was outdated and did not "accurately reflect [her] current business and professional interests." This change came after it was widely noted by the media that the website had falsely claimed for more than 10 years that she had a degree in architecture and design from the University of Ljubljana. Her biography in the 2016 Republican National Convention official program also incorrectly stated that she had obtained a degree in Slovenia." Source

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

...and speaking of believing things...

It's not often I post twice in one day to this blog but in view of the fact that the last post was about Leonard Coldwell the not-doctor warning his readers not to believe absurdities in spite of being a world class spouter of absurd claims I couldn't resist grabbing this from one of his multiple Facebook accounts...

Yep... That makes sense Lenny but what say we expand the "stupid to believe things because someone says so" motif to people who claim to be doctors with an illustrious career behind them when in reality they ARE NOT A FUCKING DOCTOR OF ANYTHING!

Yeah, yeah, yeah... You are a world leading doctor, you have four PhDs, you're an expert on cancer, you have the greatest success rate of any cancer 'expert', you're an award winning writer and you cured your mother of Hep C fifteen years before it was discovered... Except NONE of those things is even close to being the truth. 

Of course if I'm wrong you can always set your fantasy 'legal team' on me... Which reminds me... "I won't start a fight but I will finish it" ain't fucking true either is it? What's the current score? World 3 ; Lenny 0 if I remember correctly.

Lawsuits to the usual address please.

People who believe absurdities... Errr...


Leonard Coldwell is a doctor - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell has four PhDs - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell has four 'doctor degrees' - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell was in general practice for 16 years - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell was in the German special forces - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell has cured 35,000 cancer patients - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell has a 92.3% cancer cure rate - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell has a private jet - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell has a butler - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell has $100,000,000,000 - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell has sold 57,000,000 books - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell formerly owned hospitals in Europe - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell is going to start his own country - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell is as famous as Chuck Norris in the martial arts world - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell was a German army sniper - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell has never lost a (legal) fight - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell has donated $42,000,000 to his own charitable foundation - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell is world renowned - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell is a humanitarian - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell is NOT a Nazi - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell is NOT a racist - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell is NOT a misogynist - ABSURD.
Leonard Coldwell is NOT a homophobe - ABSURD.
Anything that Leonard Coldwell says is even vaguely credible - TOTALLY FUCKING ABSURD.


Monday, 5 December 2016

They seek him here... They seek him there....

...Them Champions™ seek him everywhere.
Is he in heaven?

Or is he in hell?
No... He's been suspended from Facebook again...

Yes... He's managed to get himself suspended yet again but this time the people at Facebook seem to have finally realised he's using multiple sock-puppet accounts and nobbled the lot.

As of 05/12/2016 this is all you get...

I haver no doubt Lenny the Not-Doctor will pretend this is as a result of him making Pro-Trump posts but I'll bet a pound to a xmas pud it was really for hate-speech... Again.

Looking on the bright side... As if Lenny being uber-suspended wasn't bright side enough... It means the world will be spared a little bit of extra bullshit until after chrimbo...

Friday, 2 December 2016

Non-doctor with made up qualifications asks if condition is made up?

It seems Leonard Coldwell has been suspended from Facebook not just on one account but on most of the ones he hasn't abandoned over the years... But fear not... He's still making a fool of himself on Twitter.

Of course if he'd ever actually studied medicine... Or even paid the slightest bit of attention to the real world... He'd know that the weather is a very well known risk factor in world of the asthmatic.

I'm a genuine asthmatic.

Leonard Coldwell is a fake doctor.