Saturday, 15 April 2017

In which Lenny thinks he's doing Facebook a favour....

Well it looks like Leonard Coldwell, the world's leading pretend doctor and all round fraud is back in the harness as far as Facebook is concerned anyway.

It's much of the same.... Ridiculous boasts, racism and bullshit but this one is worth mentioning...

I hope that the sheer insanity of thinking you can unilaterally impose conditions or a "fine [of] one trillion dollars" on somebody who gives you a FREE means of promoting your drivel and bollocks doesn't need pointing out to my intelligent readers.

In other news it seems Lenny is claiming to have 32,000 members of his Idiocy Based Money Scam in Europe... That would make it 32,000 more members than the recently abandoned USA branch of the scam and it would make it truly strange that his Hanover 'event' two weeks ago wash a total washout.

I'm fairly certain that the above picture was taken at last weekend's big 'alt med' festival rather than a Lenny based operation but one thing really bothers me about this no doubt wonderful meal...  Where the fuck are the chairs?


  1. Well, it's healthier to stand than to sit on your butt, according to the latest health advice. Some workplaces offer employees the option of standing workstations. It's ever so trendy. I would hate that. I spent too many years in my youth working horrid retail jobs where I had to stand on my feet all day. Give me a frickin' chair, and a comfy one at that, or I won't work (or eat).

    Anyway, I'm sure that you're right, and if LoonyC did participate in the event pictured above, he was no doubt piggybacked on to some other larger event. He was listed as a participant in a big online-only "Heal the World Kongress" that took place last week, but I think there was also a live event at some hotel somewhere. It is impossible to keep up with Little Loony's big lies, but fortunately it is increasingly unnecessary, as he seems to be fading into oblivion.

  2. This is the online event. What a stellar lineup, rendered even sillier by the Googlish translation.

  3. Yeah... That's the one. I have no doubt Lenny |will be pretending that the whole event was based on him or he'll be pretending that the nutters that attended were actually attending his 'seminar'... With photographic 'evidence' naturally... Like those doctored images of GIN events he's still using five years later.

    I think you're right when you say 'fading into oblivion'... Now if only the little git would disappear altogether we could both go back to more important things :-D

  4. Looks like you can register for LoonyC's IMBS-ing U "coaching" training in Germany -- which takes a year to complete and consists of four blocks of "training" at 2,500 Euros for each block, PLUS a 2,000 Euro fee to actually take the "final."


    "All applications are binding and irrevocable! There are no cancellations or repayments! ONLY American law (Court of jurisdiction: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA) German law is not applicable. If you incur any costs for IBMS® and dependents, you are fully responsible and must bear the legal and legal costs for IBMS® and all dependents in full!"

    He's ripping 'em off in the Fatherland too (no big surprise there), and it's only a matter of time before they get wise to him.

  5. I suspect that with the exception of a handful of idiots the German speaking world is already wise to Lenny. To the best of my knowledge his 1st April 'seminar' in Hanover never happened and he's been very quiet about the other 'event' on the 9th.

    The question now is whether or not there are ANY Germany speaking suckers willing to part with €12,000 for the 'training'. I think this is just another desperate attempt by a one trick pony to sell the same worthless thing that he was unable to sell in the US.

    As for the repeated "NO GUARANTEE - NO MONEY BACK" warnings... If they don't make any potential suckers run a mile then I suspect they deserve to be ripped off.