Saturday, 25 July 2015

Lenny Says... "Ich bin on zee hit-list!!"

Yes... It must be true because Lenny says so... He's heard from “internal sources” that he is on a Merck hit-list.

This nonsense comes from a link he shared on Facebook to a story about the pharmaceutical company Merck having a hit-list of doctors they wanted to “destroy, neutralise or discredit”. Story here

Now I neither know nor particularly care whether the allegations are true. Maybe Merck were a shower of bastards then and are a shower of bastards now... Maybe not... Who cares? That's not really the issue but there's a few problems I have with Loony's claim to be on the list if it exists.

First and foremost there's the minor detail that he isn't actually a doctor. Why would a major pharmaceutical company give a flying f**k about this petulant little ball of lard when, in the great scheme of things, no f**ker has ever heard of him and all he ever does is post links to his Facebook page and launch doomed lawsuits?

Second the story dates back to 1999 when he was still transitioning from Herr Bernd Klein to Mr Leonard “Lenny The Life Coach” Coldwell and many years before he started on with his 35,000 this, 92.3% that and curing Mutti-Coldwell of the other and his “World's leading bullshitter” claims or whatever it is he's supposed to be this week.

Thirdly you have to wonder why it is that Lenny had chosen not to reveal this “internal source” information until he just happened to find an article on the internet about it. Well... Of course you don't have to wonder at all... It's just another example of Loony Lenny jumping on any passing bandwagon with his “ME TOO... ME TOO...” attitude to reality... (See also his “I can smell cancer like a dog” bullshit claim I have mentioned before).

The truth of this of course is that the only “internal source” this corpulent little crap-fountain has been listening to is the drunken mouse inside his head operating the levers.


  1. There actually was a CBS News story about Merck's alleged concerted efforts to discredit doctors who spoke out against the prescription painkiller Vioxx, which turned out to have some pretty nasty side effects such as death. These allegations were made in a class action suit filed in Australia. But the story is not new at all. The story that our least favorite (or favourite) little lunatic is linking to was last updated in May 2009.

    It's going around again now because some of the conspiracy-theory nuts (of which LoonyC is one of the most consistently idiotic and vocal) think it feeds into the BIG story that's going around, regarding the rash of dead or disappeared doctors who, according to the conspiracy fans, have earned the ire of Big Pharma/the medical profession/the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) et al. Loony is trying to place himself front and center in that drama, claiming that he may be next.

    I have been looking into these stories and so far it all looks like coincidence more than anything, and it appears that as per usual, the conspiracy fans are connecting dots that don't exist. It's not that I am willing to give Big Pharma or the US government a pass; I know they're capable of doing nasty things. But this latest hysteria just clouds the issues, and besides, as you noted above, if there IS any concerted action by the big guys against doctors, Loony is the last person who needs to worry. As I've noted before on other threads, I feel that I am still under more of a threat from Loony's fans (he is STILL telling that dog-poisoning lie about me!) than Loony is, was, or ever will be from Big Pharma.

    1. Is he still going on about that bloody dog of his? Oh well... Only Loony Lenny's Loopy fans believed that and although I feel for you having to put up with the crap from his more vocal followers the whole episode only really confirmed how delusional and psychotic he really is.

  2. No idea who the author of this blog is but I applaud you and your style of writing about this fake wannabe stuperhero! Spot on and straight to the point! I'll be making sure my readers know about your blog on - keep on!