Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Lenny Says... Something typically idiotic.. Again...

Yes... The delusional porker is now claiming that not only does he have an insider inside BIG FARMER he also has and insider on the inside of  the New World Order.

The full quote from Leonard Lieswellbadly is as follows...

"My personal post for today:

I know from and inside source that there is a massive in-fight within the NWO going on. NOW is our time to strike back. Inform Educate, take responsibility, control and charge over your own life. Become a member of the ONLY organization that can and will protect you. There is safety and Power in numbers! We just got more members in Germany and Austria in 2 days than in 4 years in America. They are awake and they are ready to fight back."

 And what is the ONLY organisation that can and will protect you from the entirely imaginary NWO? It is of course his trademarked, only organisation of its type, proven over decades, five hundred bucks to join and a grand a year membership fees (not refundable), GIN knock-off, IBMS or Idiotic Bullshit Making-money-for-the-poisonous-dwarf System... What else could it possibly be.

And there was me hoping he was going to storm the UN building, or the Whitehouse, or FEMA HQ, or the Vatican or wherever it is the NWO is hanging out these days. The idea of that little f**ker "fighting back" is hysterical. Judging by the state of his ever expanding waist-line he doesn't look like he could fight back against the girl guides without having a coronary... But hey... Posting on Facebook is almost like fighting back isn't it?.. No... You're right... It's nothing like fighting back and everything like sitting on your lazy fat f**king arse and trying to drum up business for your pitiful scam... Close but no coconut.

Now... I have to say... While we are on the subject of inside information that my inside source says that Lenny's Idiocy Based Money-loss System has been nothing short of an embarrassing failure with a total membership figure somewhere in the region of the square root of f**k all... So having more members in Germany and Austria isn't that difficult... Not that I believe that anyway...

Oh... And another thing... Another one of my inside sources tells me that those pictures you have been punting of you in front of a huge crowd like the one you used in the Facebook post...

... are actually several years old and date back to when you were still sucking on Kev Trudeau's GIN teat and that when it comes to filling a room with IBMS members you'd struggle to fill a f**king broom cupboard... Without needing to take the f**king brooms out... And if another one of my inside sources are to be believed that's about all you could afford to f**king hire.

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  1. Four years in America? If he's referring to the actual organization, IBMS Masters Society, then once again he shows that numbers are not his strong suit.

    But then, this little idiot always pulls numbers out of his lying a$$. For instance: the $42 million that Big Pharma allegedly paid to us bloggers to "defame" him; the $42,000 he spent on lawyers to fight the defmation (or $106,000, depending upon which lying Lenny source you're reading or listening to); the more than 35,000 cancer patients he has cured (or 35,000 patients in general with whom he he has "worked," again, depending upon the source (he never can keep his stories straight)); the 92.3 percent (or greater) success rate he's had with cancer patients; the 4, or 8, or 5 attempts on his life (presumably by Big Pharma); and of course the number of doctorates he has (8? 4? who knows?).

    He has problems with keeping track of time as well. On the original version of his Bio web site, launched in June 2014, he wrote that he had moved to the U.S. "twelve years ago." But he actually moved to the U.S. some time in 1998 or possibly before. (Hard to say, really.) He didn't become a U.S. citizen until well into the 2000s but in any case, by June 2014 he had been in the U.S. far longer than 12 years. On that Bio site and on many others he also wrote that he retired from "seeing patients" many years ago (presumably around the time he moved to the U.S.). But on a March 2015 document he filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, in the context of whining against an opponent of his who had apparently questioned his credentials, he wrote that he was licensed in medicine until he retired in January 2015.

    Retired from what? One has to wonder. Maybe one does not want to know. He has most certainly not retired from blow-hardery and from his aggressive and semi-literate self-promotional efforts.

    But as for those alleged 4 years of IBMS Masters Society's existence in America: I call bullsh-t. It's true that Loony coined the term "Instinct Based Medicine System" a few years ago and has used it in his branding (on a book and on a web site, plus he has hosted a few egregiously overpriced IBMS Coach "certification" trainings). But the IBMS Masters Society -- the GIN ripoff -- was only launched in January 2013. That's two and a half years, tops. I know, because I thoroughly documented its launch on my blog ("Meet the new scam, same as the old scam," Parts 1 and 2). The IBMS Master's Society is clearly an utter failure of an organization but he still continues to flog it, with his marketing ploys growing increasingly desperate. It's no wonder that he would try to appeal to the panicky conspiracy-nut mindset: "We're the only ones who can save you!"

    If you look at the pics on his own timeline of the most recent (July 11) IBMS Masters Society gathering, you will see that there were fewer attendees than ever. Looks like just a few diehard members and their spouses, trying desperately to look happy and successful. Even the ever faithful Sarah B didn't go to this one. And Peter Wink dropped out a couple of events ago.

    Currently Lenny seems to be concentrating on promoting himself as an international mega-star who is going to be the keynote squeaker at a couple of upcoming health expos later this summer and in the fall: one in Dominican Republic and one in Brazil. And clearly he is also making serious efforts to drum up business in Europe; recently he publicly advertised for a bilingual (German/English) secretary, saying he will pay ten Euros an hour and that he will pay it as a gift or donation so that nobody will have to pay taxes (he says taxes are illegal anyway). What a moron.