Sunday, 12 February 2017

Just in case you'd forgotten that Leonard Coldwell is a Nazi....

Hello dear readers... Have you missed me?

Yes it's been quite a while since my last post and there are two good reasons for that... First and foremost is the fact that I've been down with the worst case of the flu I've ever had... As a way of losing weight it's very effective but on the whole I'd rather not have bothered. The second reason for my lack of posts is that quite frankly Lenny's not really posted anything worthy of comment. Reposting fake news stories doesn't really count... The internet is full of cretins posting links to obviously bullshit stories and given the fact that few of Lenny's Facebook posts attract more than a slack handful of 'likes' I don't really think he's worth bothering with.

But anyway... Just in case you'd temporarily lost track of the fact that Leonard The-Not-Doctor Coldwell was a Nazi here's a couple of posts from earlier today...


  1. I did miss you, and I'm glad you're back and feeling better. Lenny has indeed been posting a lot of fake-news and hyper-partisan propaganda stuff since his latest release from Facebook jail... yawn. But it's good that you posted yet another reminder of his vicious anti-Semitism and great love for Hitler. One thing he has been doing that's highly amusing is continuing to post links that seem incongruous with his politics and worldview. For instance, he posted one on Groundhog Day (2 Feb.) that made fun of climate change *deniers*, though he emphatically is one himself. And he continues to post memes about how awful the U.S. government is being to the Standing Rock Sioux, though his orange idol has signed the last of the Sioux' rights away. Most amusing of all, on 11 February Lenny posted a link to THIS article (which was originally published in November 2015 but which is making the rounds on Facebook again):

    He really is a special kind of stupid. Or, again, maybe it's just the bourbon eating away at his remaining brain cells.

  2. I assume there is a reason of some description for Lenny's posting of links which take an entirely opposite stance to his declared politics. As I see it there are three possible explanations...

    1) He doesn't bother actually reading the articles he links to.

    2) His comprehension of the English language is so poor he doesn't realise the articles fly in the face of his stated beliefs.


    3) He's drunk.

    Or possibly a combination of all three.

    In any event what I see when I look at Lenny's activity on social media is a man who is flailing about desperately attempting to make himself 'relevant' but failing abysmally. His piss-poor attempts to reinvent himself as a fake news aggregator have gone nowhere and even his plugging of the upcoming IBMS Germany 'conference' is half arsed and half hearted. It'll remain to be seen how many of the 29,000 members he was claiming to have in Germany, Austria and Switzerland will turn up this time... Will it beat the last showing of about 40 people or will it be even more of an abysmal failure?

    I fear we are heading towards the final curtain for Lenny and his whole 'I'm a doctor' scam. Loathsomeness though he is at least KT was good at this sort of scam... Without his support Lenny just seems to become more and more irrelevant and more and more desperate in his attempts to turn a dishonest buck.