Sunday, 29 January 2017

Today's Post Is Not About Leonard Coldwell....

Whilst it true that Lenny really wants to be Donald Trump's wife I dedicate today's post to the British people who have made it abundantly clear that The Orange Oaf is not welcome in the UK.

This petition has been running for less than a day and while it's unlikely to change the position of the Tory twats who run the country or our spineless and sycophantic prime minister the half a million signatures (and still climbing fast) shows the depth of feeling here against Trump and has at least forced the UK government to make 'representations' to the Trump administration... Mealy mouthed though they are.

I'm actually quite looking forward to Trump's visit... It'll certainly give The Secret Service pause for thought.

There's a song I like which addresses the likes of trump... It's by Chumbawamba and it's called 'The Day The Nazi Died'.

We're taught that after the war the Nazis vanished without a trace
But battalions of fascists still dream of a master race
The history books they tell of their defeat in '45
But they all came out of the woodwork on the day the Nazi died

They say the prisoner at Spandau was a symbol of defeat
Whilst Hess remained imprisoned then the fascists they were beat
So the promise of an Aryan world would never materialize
So why did they all come out of the woodwork on the day the Nazi died?

The world is riddled with maggots, the maggots are getting fat
They're making a tasty meal of all the bosses and bureaucrats
They're taking over the boardrooms and they're fat and full of pride
And they all came out of the woodwork on the day the Nazi died

So if you meet with these historians I'll tell you what to say
Tell them that the Nazis never really went away
They're out there burning houses down and peddling racist lies
And we'll never rest again... UNTIL EVERY NAZI DIES!

And I'll leave you with this...


  1. I am in such despair over what is going on in my country. But the Resistance is growing, and it is not limited to the U.S. And that's heartening.

    I feel compelled to add that I do not and never have wished Donald Trump any physical harm. One reason is that, in general, I do not wish physical harm on any human being. But a more practical reason is that Mike Pence, the man poised to take his place should something happen to the president, is every bit as much of a nightmare in his own way as Trump.

    It is going to be a long four years. How did we come to this? (Rhetorical question, of course.)

  2. I truly feel sorry for Americans who have had this insufferable oaf thrust upon them as president but then we in the UK have a Prime Minister who was never elected to that position and the so called 'Brexit' nonsense which the government clearly don't have the slightest idea how to implement without completely destroying the economy.

    From this side of the ocean Trump is simply a clown who is hopelessly out of his depth and, in my opinion, he won't see out his full term without being either impeached or just plain resigning when things don't go his own way. It's much less funny from where you are of course.

    As for bumping him off... Hasn't it always been the central role of the VP to be even more dangerous and insane than the POTUS to discourage assassination?