Thursday, 9 March 2017

Leonard Coldwell... New lies as Lenny gets desperate for cash...

World renowned pretend doctor Leonard Coldwell... Formerly Bernd Witchner... Formerly Bernd Klein... Has a long history of adding new and entirely imaginary achievements to his CV which is why one entirely bogus PhD soon became one entirely bogus PhD and three imaginary PhDs... Such is Lenny's pathological inability to distinguish between reality, lies and preposterous tall stories which nobody in their right minds would believe for a nanosecond.

His penchant for wild flights of fantasy is probably no better illustrated than his patently ridiculous claim that he cured 35,000 patients of cancer during his time in Europe. You only need a grasp of basic arithmetic to realise this is totally impossible and yet it's a claim he has been making for years. Not content with spouting totally impossible bullshit today he's 'enhanced' the story with extra bells and whistles...

It started thus...

In short he's plugging another one of his idiotic seminars for morons with more money than sense.

This one is in Germany where, it appears, he has been living since the beginning of the year... Which is odd now that his hero The Orange Oaf is POTUS but I'll put that down to the unemployment benefits being more generous in the old country than the new world...

Where was I?... Oh yeah... All you have to do is transfer €999 to his bank account for this life changing opportunity to listen to the deranged ramblings of a third rate charlatan.

But anyway...

Further down the page we have this spiel...

Yes folks... There it is... A new enhancement to the old cretinous lie... Now it's not a boring old 35,000 patients but a new and improved 66,000 and now the 'studies' aren't just from his old mate Tommy Hohn but also 'doctor' Crone and 'professor' Wilkening.

And then theres a load of the usual bollocks... You know... Curing mummy of Hep C decades before it was discovered blah blah blah... Same shit, different figures, different days... But still all lies...


  1. He had thrown the "66,000" figure around several times fairly recently, usually in the context of saying he has seen or served over 66,000 patients. But for the most part he is still sticking with the 35,000 figure for the number of patients (usually cancer patients) that he has "cured."

    And he has of course mentioned both Dr. Crone and Professor Wilkening numerous times previously as friends, supporters, endorsers, etc. but this does seem to be the first time he's mentioned actual studies by Crone or Wilkening, at least that I recall. It's possible, however, that in his many past mentions of "3 independent studies" (validating his alleged "cure rate"), he was referring, in addition to whatever propaganda Hohn provided, to a "study" by Crone and another "study" by Wilkening. That would make 3 all right, which would render that long-time claim of "3 independent studies" one-third accurate.

    Honestly, I'm not really sure. It is very difficult to make sense of anything that Loony Lenny writes. His fans, what few are left, don't care if it makes sense, of course.

    It is also difficult to find much about Wilkening apart from Coldwell's own mentions of him. But I googled Crone and came across a listing that describes him as a "Heilpraktiker." My pal Yakaru (another muckraking blogger who happens to live in Germany and is very fluent in German) explained to me years ago just what a Heilpraktiker is. He wrote (and I quoted him in my May 2012 blog post about Lenny, "Bernd bridges"):

    "...Germany strictly regulates anyone who offers any kind of service publicly. There is a standard woo diploma here which every spiritual person seems to have, and without it you can't practice. If Coldwell doesn't even that lowly degree, then he's not even qualified to scratch himself. That credential is Heilpraktiker."

    And Wikipedia has this to say about that:

    "...A heilpraktiker does not need to have any formal education or training but must do an exam at the health authorities. This exam used to be somewhat basic until the 1980s, at which time it was made to become much more demanding. A candidate needs to have good knowledge of medical sciences, such as anatomy, physiology and pathology and psychiatry; a good knowledge of law regulations is also needed.[2] Healing practitioners often specialize in a complementary and alternative field of healthcare that could be anything from homeopathy, phytotherapy, Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, to reflexology or acupuncture. A healing practitioner is a person who is allowed to practice as a non-medical practitioner using any unconventional therapy. About 35.000 heilpraktiker are accredited in Germany."

    So I suspect even if Dr. Crone did do a "study" it isn't something that would be accepted by the actual medical community, despite the claim that a Heilpraktiker has to have a "good knowledge" of medical sciences and psychiatry.

    But yes, this is the sound of Lenny growing ever more desperate. It probably won't be long before he falls out of what little favor he has in Germany, and then where will he go? I'm guessing not the UK. :-)

  2. Well no... We have The Cancer Act 1939 to deal with charlatans like him.

    "If Coldwell doesn't even that lowly degree, then he's not even qualified to scratch himself."