Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Leonard Coldwell: The only answer to something that doesn't exist.

Feel the irrational need to protect yourself against the health effects of the most ridiculous conspiracy theory of all time? Then you need the ONLY ANSWER that a fake doctor and all-round charlatan recommends...

In other news Lenny says the Democrats don't have the right to represent him in spite of the minor fact he's not actually living there any more...


  1. I think you probably meant to say that he's not actually living in the US any more. In any case the Democrats did nothing wrong. Many of the women wore white in honor of women's suffrage; is that what offended little Lenny? Or was it that most of the Democrats remained seated and didn't applaud like the Republicans did after every sentence Drumpf uttered? If the refusal to stand and applaud Trump is what offended our least favorite little lunatic, maybe he has forgotten that this is exactly the same way the Republicans behaved every time Obama addressed Congress.

    In short, Leonard Coldwell is an idiot. But then, we knew that.

  2. Ah yes... That should've been 'living there' not just 'living'... Clearly a case of wishful thinking but I've corrected it anyway... Ta muchly. :-)