Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Lenny the Liar Lets Loose his Legal Team... Or rather he totally fails to.

In my last post I said I wouldn't be posting about Lenny's numerous reposts of inane conspiracies, fake news and general bullshit but I simply can't resist mocking his latest attempts to convince his gullible followers that he's on the verge of legal action against his 'enemies'.

"At the waste of time and time again slander or insults against Dr Leonard Coldwell Post: we hereby assure you that we eidesstattlich applications for civil and criminal proceedings against this filth. We have a law firm and hired a private detective agency, only with this human waste (most of the pharmaceutical industry is paid) legally correct manner. We know your names and will soon open lich your entire dirty past on Dr. Publish Coldwell opinion radio and TV 34 million people will have the opportunity to contact you. Let's see how the enemy and find this. Demafierer We will hunt you, legally and legally eliminate to look bad. Bye bye dirt. Danielle for the entire team"
 Well 'Danielle'... I'm quite sure you haven't hired a 'private detective agency' but if you have you can get them to stand down but before they do get them or your 'law firm' to email leonardnotwell@gmail.com and I'll give you my full name, address and the name of MY lawyers.

"And the enemy pigs: if someone is posting link with lies he automatically assumes the legal responsibility for the content! Some of you are cowards in the enemy ranks of someone under his real name claims that dr Leonard Coldwell not his real and legal name is or one of those titles and would not lawfully and legally (the under a false name and without post photos directly Automatically a severe criminal sttaftat and we will be easy for you about your IP address must provide the fb find) so if any of you dirt and the cowards hiding behind fake names and photos hide has the courage to say that dr Leonard Coldwell not his real name is legal And this information is wrong? Let the game begin: total destruction
Dr Leonard Coldwell"
 Yeah Lenny... Let the 'total destruction' commence... Come on you whiny, sawn-off, fat little bitch... SUE ME!

I've been all but begging you to follow through with your pathetic threats to sue me for years and you've done fuck all. As I said on your Facebook pages... Which you immediately deleted... I would truly love to get you in the witness box and ask all of those awkward little questions about your bogus life-story, bogus titles and bogus qualifications... You'd last about five fucking seconds before being shown up as the pathological liar and serial charlatan that you are... Bitch!

Once again that address you'll need to sue me...
Queen's Bench Division
The Royal Courts of Justice

Get your 'legal team' to email me for respondent details...

Oh... And by the way... Good luck proving you're not a holocaust denying, Hitler worshipping Nazi... I've added this to my collection...


  1. Here we go again... But wow, it looks like a totally legit case this time. Maybe someone should notify the comedy team of Culbertson and May. Perhaps they'd like another crack at helping the greatest therapist of our times fight his online enemies.

  2. That would be very entertaining but I fear that if he wants to sue lil' ol' me he'll need to find a British lawyer and do it in a British court. He might struggle on that front though because British lawyers are likely to look into the truth of the claim BEFORE taking him as a client rather than months later like C&M.

  3. Awwww. It looks like little Loony has been "blocked" by "Dumbook" for 30 days again.

    1. Why won't Facebook just terminate him permanently? How many bannings will it take?

    2. Since Facebook users aren't viewed by Facebook as customers, but rather as products to be sold, I suspect that Facebook won't ban Little LoonyC permanently because he isn't actually causing them to lose revenue. He may even be helping them generate revenue, unwittingly, of course. And in the larger scheme of things, the little lunatic isn't enough of a big deal to make Facebook susceptible to legal action merely because of his stupid, hateful posts.

      It seems to me that Facebook only permanently bans individuals and pages that (1) might make them susceptible to a lawsuit (e.g., content that clearly compromises or endangers minors, or is overtly pornographic); or (2) content that generates widespread negative publicity for Facebook (such as some of the fake news sites that caused so much fire during the 2016 presidential election). Other than that, Facebook really doesn't care how stupid and hateful individual contributors are. In response to negative feedback from individuals, they temporarily and often arbitrarily suspend someone’s privileges in order to keep up that whole community-standards façade, but that’s about the extent of it in most cases.

      In any case little Lenny invariably uses his short-term “bans” to shore up his spurious Brave Maverick Doctor/whistle-blower/martyr narrative. He almost seems to welcome Facebook “jail.” He kind of reminds me of Otis, the town drunk of Mayberry on the old Andy Griffith show, who willingly staggered into his favorite jail cell whenever he’d had a few too many.