Monday, 26 October 2015

Lenny says... Nothing of the slightest interest to anybody...

So where have I been?... Why have I not been blogging about everybody's Phaveroite Phat Phake Physician for the last couple of months?... Glad you asked...
Quite frankly I have become bored shitless by the little fake's inability to do anything even vaguely noteworthy...

In the last couple of months Coldwell seems to have done precisely nothing but sit in his underpants and post inane links to contradictory quackery and bullshit on Facebook which fall into the categories of ...

1) Natural cures for cancer which will save you
2) Vaccines are bad and will kill you
3) How big farmer are bad and will kill you
4) Cannabis cures everything and will save you
5) Guns are good and will definitely not kill anybody because of reasons and stuff
6) Obama will give you cancer and vaccinations take your guns and kill you.
And 7) Revolting racist screeds that show Coldwell up for the nasty little fucker he is.

...and there's only so much of that shit I can be arsed to scroll past without falling asleep. Never were the words 'Heard it all before' more appropriate. As always there is nothing in the way of original content just endless links to pure, undiluted BOLLOCKS.

I would like to believe Clodwell has effectively given up on his 'World's Leading Expert on Cancer™" schtick as far as the English speaking world is concerned and maybe he has... I understand from reading elsewhere on the web... Well... Cosmic Connie's writings anyway ( That he is now focussing his energies more on a mainland European audience but as I only speak English and a smattering of schoolboy French I certainly can't be arsed trying to sort that lot out.

I suspect that even somebody as terminally dense as Lenny quite clearly is would eventually realise that, to be blunt, nobody is listening any more. His widely publicised farce of lawsuit from earlier this year was certainly a monumental shot in the foot with a .50BMG and has achieved nothing other than to focus attention on what a total f**king idiot and unscrupulous little bullshitter he is... So that's not helped. Add to that the fact that according to my sources his Idiocy Based Money Scam system is dead in the water, his books are about as popular as a bacon sandwich salesman at a rabbi's convention and he can't even be bothered to promote his BeRippedOff range of exorbitantly priced snake oil any more and I think it's time to wonder if Coldwell is, as they say in gambling circles... A busted flush... I hope so.

When it comes down to it Lenny quite clearly doesn't matter two hoots in the great scheme of things... He was a fifth-rate huckster elevated to the status of second rate huckster by his association with Kevin Trudeau who, loathsome though he is, was at least a first-rate huckster... Since Katy gave him the Ceremonial Order of the Boot he slipped back down to a third-rate huckster and now having passed fourth-rate some time ago he's back at fifth-rate and still falling... Quite bluntly... Nobody cares any more. Without the shoulders of a giant of scammer to stand on he's just a midget scammer in a figurative as well as a literal sense.

So there you have it... I'm not abandoning this blog and my utter contempt for this fraudulent little racist, Jew-hating, delusional, psychotic, fake doctor arsehole remains undiminished but until he does something worthy of comment my posts will remain occasional and I'll spend more time with my dogs, my archery and my zombie films.

BUT... Yes... There's always a but isn't there?.. If you do spot Loony Len doing something more interesting than posting twaddle on teh interwebz leave me a comment and I'll have a shuffti (That's 'have a look' for those of you not born within 30 miles of London). 

In the words of that great sage and philosopher Arnold Swarsenn... Shwarzin... Shortzin... The terminator... I'll be back.


  1. I absolutely understand your reasons for not wanting to go on and on and on overstating the obvious regarding the stupidest man in Scamworld. But do know that your efforts here are much appreciated by many. I certainly have been entertained by your ability to aggregate/curate some of the stupidest of Lenny's many stupidities and preserve them for posterity.

    He hasn't been doing much of anything new on the Facebooks, but he did recently remove all doubt (if there ever had been any) that he is just as prejudiced against black people as he is against Jews, Muslims, LGBTs, assertive women and so forth. This despite his past assertions that he has many black fans and followers, and that he has more black friends than Obama. And despite the fact that back in 2009 he joined a social networking site called Mingle City, which seems to be primarily targeted to African Americans. (He apparently joined for the purpose of pushing his own frauducts and flopportunities, as well as GIN, with which he was still involved back then. But his profile remains up there for all to see. Google "Leonard Coldwell Mingle City" and you'll see.)

    At any rate, on at least three occasions very recently he referred to President Obama, on Facebook screeds, as "The Negro." That's a marked departure from referring to the president as the Kenyan/Muslim/treasonist [sic]/gay/socialist etc. etc. etc.

    Apart from that... dogs, archery and zombie films sound a lot more interesting than LoonyC.

  2. Hi Connie.... Yes... I'd noticed the whole "The Negro" routine and have been screen-grabbing merrily on those and his other bigoted posts just for my records and for future posts. It's clear... To me at any rate... That the fat little fraud is clearly losing the plot or what little bit of the plot he hasn't already lost and he's just flailing around in impotent rage and lashing out at basically anybody who's not him. It's not a very edifying spectacle watching an ego-maniac trying to prop up his fragile ego with blind hatred is it?

    So much for the great humanitarian eh?

    I notice he's also posting a lot of crap about Germany being invaded by muslims and so on. I wonder if that's a sign he's thinking about going back there. If my theory is correct, and I think it might well be, Coldwell's recent activities post 'that' law suit fiasco are the signs of a man whose business 'empire' is now earning him the sharp end of nothing and he's either going to have to find himself a real job (unlikely anybody would ever employ him for long) or he's going to have to start claiming benefits. If I were in that position I'd go back to Germany where the benefits are way more generous than in the US. Perhaps he could move back in with Mutti Coldwell.

    I really do think that it's even-money that we are witnessing the swansong of Not-Docktor Coldwell and that he'll soon drop his current schtick and either fade away or find a new schtick. Given that his current 'only answer to cancer' bullshit has not really changed in five years or more I seriously have my doubts that he has sufficient creative talent to come up with a new scam. Let's be honest here... If he hadn't been given a leg-up by Kevin Trudeau it's very unlikely anybody would have heard of him. His patter is far from original and anybody who was going to be suckered has probably already been suckered by now and most of them have probably realised that there's nothing behind the patter but more patter and gone on their way.