Saturday, 7 November 2015

...In which Lenny shows his knowledge of history is on a par with his knowledge of science and medicine... Non-existent...

This is quite simply too good NOT to bring to the attention of whatever wider audience this blog has... Which is probably not that much to be honest but... Who gives a f**k?

On 5th Nov 2015 Germany's Shame posted a link on his Facebook page to a page on 'worldtruthtv' which rationalwiki describes as...

"WorldTruth.TV is a website run by a man called Eddie Levin, who claims to have "spent the last 32 years researching Theosophy, Freemasonry, Kabbalah, Rosicrucianism, the Bavarian Illuminati and Western Occultism," which should immediately tip you off that everything on this site is utter bullshit. The site promotes such harebrained ideas as:
  • "Cleansing" diets
  • Global warming denialism
  • Antivax bullshit
  • And most importantly, antisemitism, claiming that The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is an authentic manual on how Jews are going to take over the world (rather than the crock that it really is)"

The link in question makes the point that... "There are only 9 countries left in the world without a Rothschild central bank" and "Isn't it funny that we are always at war with these countries?"

 Leaving aside the obvious anti-semitism and ignoring the whole 'Rothschild' thing lets look at the "We are always at war with these countries"... And I'm assuming 'we' in this case means the USA...

Russia: Last armed conflict Russian Civil War 1917 -1922, Allies in WW2, Peace since.

China: Last armed conflict proxy-war in Korea 1950 - 1953, Allies in WW2, Peace since.

Iceland: Are you f**king kidding me? Iceland doesn't even have a f**king standing army. Never at war with the US or anybody else. Was neutral in WW2 and the nearest they've ever come to a war was ramming a few British destroyers and cutting the nets of British trawlers... But we forgive them for that cos they're a pretty cool bunch on the whole... And they gave us Bjork.

Cuba: Proxy involvement in war of independence in 1950. Never at war.

Syria: Some involvement in internal politics. Never at war.

Iran: Strained relations and proxy meddling but never at war

Venezuela: History of CIA meddling. Never at war.

North Korea: Last armed conflict Korean War 1950 -1953. De facto peace since. Technically never at war.

Hungary: Technically at war during WW2. No actual military involvement as the red army got there first. At peace since 1945.

So it seems "always at war" means, at the very worst, "at peace with for half a century"... Nice to see Lardy Coldwell is consistent with his attitude to the truth but then as he said himself when posting some other crap on Facebook... "I've not read it yet so let me know what it says"...

Now call me old fashioned if you will... But I actually read links before I post them unlike Loony Clodbrain... What a schmuck!

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