Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Loopy Lenny Needs Lessons on London...

Just a quick one for today... Loopy Len posted this crank link which, like all of his links is a load of old bollocks and factually worthless...

 First... Nobody calls it the 'London Obelisk' they call it either 'The Needle' or 'Cleopatra's Needle'

Second... It's not in The city of London it's in The City of Westminster next door.

Thirdly... The City of London most certainly IS a part of England.

So another wonderfully accurate link from The World's Greatest Purveyor of Bullshit.


  1. Good to see you blogging again, Longdog. If anything, LoonyC just keeps getting stupider and stupider. Maybe I am just too easily amused, but I think it's great cheap entertainment.

    1. You're right... I didn't think it would be possible for his multiple Facebook pages to get any more inane but obviously I was wrong. His 'coverage' of the terrorist attacks in Paris have plumbed new depths of ignorance and stupidity not to mention appalling lack of sensitivity... According to his posts the whole thing was the fault of all immigrants, all Muslims, the French ban on guns (which doesn't exist), Barrack 'The Negro' Obama, the Russians and the Jews... But it never happened anyway and even if it did it was a false flag operation by blah, blah, blah... He even posts links to articles which parody exactly the sort of bigoted bullshit he peddles but he obviously either doesn't read them or his command of the English language is so poor he doesn't realise they are taking the piss out of him and his ilk.... Or he's too stupid and / or too egotistical to get the joke's on him.

      I'm still wondering exactly how he's making a living these days assuming he is... Posting crap to Facebook doesn't strike me as being lucrative enough to support him even in the very modest post-Katy lifestyle to which he has grudgingly become accustomed of late.

      Perhaps he's living off that big pile of cash, gold and horsey statues...