Tuesday, 13 December 2016

...and speaking of believing things...

It's not often I post twice in one day to this blog but in view of the fact that the last post was about Leonard Coldwell the not-doctor warning his readers not to believe absurdities in spite of being a world class spouter of absurd claims I couldn't resist grabbing this from one of his multiple Facebook accounts...

Yep... That makes sense Lenny but what say we expand the "stupid to believe things because someone says so" motif to people who claim to be doctors with an illustrious career behind them when in reality they ARE NOT A FUCKING DOCTOR OF ANYTHING!

Yeah, yeah, yeah... You are a world leading doctor, you have four PhDs, you're an expert on cancer, you have the greatest success rate of any cancer 'expert', you're an award winning writer and you cured your mother of Hep C fifteen years before it was discovered... Except NONE of those things is even close to being the truth. 

Of course if I'm wrong you can always set your fantasy 'legal team' on me... Which reminds me... "I won't start a fight but I will finish it" ain't fucking true either is it? What's the current score? World 3 ; Lenny 0 if I remember correctly.

Lawsuits to the usual address please.


  1. And now he is proud to be one of the "most often hacked sites on the internet today."

  2. Oh for love of god... Does he seriously think that ridiculous claim makes him look good? I know it's all part of his Brave Maverick Doctor schtick and play along with his "I'm so important the NWo / Big Farma / The Jew are out to silence me" story but to me it just says "I'm an idiot who can't run a basic website properly".

    I know Google throws up a "This site may be hacked" warning but I'm quite sure that's because he has re-posted stories that contain suspicious code. He really ought to employ somebody that knows what they are doing.

    Nice to see he's upgraded his "I will not start the fight. I did not start the fight but I WILL finish it!" to "I will not start the fight. I did not start the fight. But REST ASSURED… I WILL finish it!"... I wonder if he'll ever get around to suing me... I have a space on the toilet wall reserved for it.

  3. Yes, his web problems are almost a paean to webmaster incompetence. There have been numerous times that his main site -- the one I linked to above -- has been down, and I doubt if it's because it was hacked by Big Farmer, the Zionists, or the enemy bloggers. And I'll never forget the comedy of errors regarding that stupid Dr Leonard Coldwell bio site that he had Sarah make for him in summer of 2014 (in a lame attempt to discredit his critics) -- as detailed towards the beginning of this post.