Friday, 2 December 2016

Non-doctor with made up qualifications asks if condition is made up?

It seems Leonard Coldwell has been suspended from Facebook not just on one account but on most of the ones he hasn't abandoned over the years... But fear not... He's still making a fool of himself on Twitter.

Of course if he'd ever actually studied medicine... Or even paid the slightest bit of attention to the real world... He'd know that the weather is a very well known risk factor in world of the asthmatic.

I'm a genuine asthmatic.

Leonard Coldwell is a fake doctor.


  1. A simple trip over to Wikipedia would answer this.... There is an article with that very subject matter there.

  2. Indeed there is... Which is more than can be said for Lenny himself. I believe he did have an article once but it was deleted on the grounds that he wasn't in any way noteworthy.

    He does of course have an article on Rationalwiki...