Thursday, 10 December 2015

I'll just leave this here....

More words of wisdom from the man who "was awarded at Congress for his contribution for Humanity and also received an honorary degree as Doctor of Humanities from the highly respected Louisiana Baptist University Diploma Mill"

What a lovely man he is.


  1. Don't forget this pathetic post in which Loony, one of the world's leading medical experts, insinuates that "flesh eating" diseases are sexually transmitted (and that those raping Muslim immigrants are soon going to transmit these STDs to American women). Here is a direct link to a screen shot of the screed (courtesy Bernie at GINtruth):

    The particular type of flesh-eating horror that appears to be a problem in Syria is a parasitic disease that people get when they are bitten by infected sand flies. So it would appear that the flesh-eating plague in Syria is NOT a STD, unless people are having sex with sand flies (and it's entirely possible that *Lenny* is doing an Eric the half-a-bee thing with sand flies, but I am talking about *people*).

    As well, there are various kinds of bacterial flesh-eating diseases that can be transmitted from soil or contaminated sea water if someone has an open sore, and some of these nightmarish bugs can even be picked up in hospital environments. But those are hardly what I would call STDs. With the post linked to above Lenny reached yet another new low, and showed that not only does he fantasize about rape and bestiality, but also, apparently, about necrophilia.

    Here is the link to the GINtruth article that included the above screen shot.

  2. I had noticed... And screen-grabbed that one too Connie... Truly that revolting excuse for a human being continues to scrape not just the bottom of the barrel but the bottom of a massive hole dug under where the barrel used to be.

    As I have said before it is at least comforting to know that Coldwell's hate-speech posts get very few likes and even fewer shares in spite of his status as "the world's leading expert on cancer"... In fact that post got the grand total of ten likes from his 8,396 followers which is the same number of likes I got for a picture of my whippet Joey eating his 6 month anniversary pork pie.

    I really does appear that Coldwell has reached the 'talking to himself' stage of his descent back into the obscurity from whence he was plucked by Katy.