Friday, 18 December 2015

...In which Lenny proves he doesn't understand irony... Or does he?

Well it's been a good week on the NotDoctor Leonard Coldwell front because he's had his Facebook access knobbled by the CIA/NWO/Rotshchild/Jews/PigFarma swines who run it... Which has given me a week off... Which is nice...

But now he's back posting shit again and whining about not being able to post his posts full of posts about Obama and things... Obviously it was his posts about Obama 'the negro muslim' that got his account suspended and nothing at all to do with his constant stream of hate-speech...

Anyhoo... It's often said... By the English at least... That Americans simply don't get irony and the Germans don't have any sense of humour whatsoever... Not a view I adhere to but as Loopy Len the Not A Doctor is both a German and a proud and patriotic American (Look... I'm sorry Americans but if you will give ignorant f**kwits citizenship that's your fault not mine...) he does actually prove both theories correct... Well... In his individual case anyway... Because he posted this...

Now Lenny has shown himself to be both a Trump fan and a Putin fan... The first I assume is because they are both fat, bald, ignorant racists with massive egos and the second... Well... I'm f**ked if I know why to be honest but he clearly hasn't noticed that calling Putin "The world's greatest statesman" might just possibly be sarcasm.

But wait!!!

Maybe he does understand irony and that's the reason he posted this...

 Because of course Lenny "The Great Humanitarian with a Doctorate in Humanities from an unaccredited but very prestigious university" Coldwell has always been a champion of equal rights for all regardless of race, creed or colour...

Apart from these times over the last month or so...

So yes... Loopy Lenny... Not a racist at all EXCEPT HE F**KING IS A RACIST and a nasty minded little bigot.

...But then perhaps I shouldn't point out that Leonard Coldwell is a racist, an anti-Semite, a bigot or any of the other nasty things I say about the lying, conning, psychotic, sawn-off, fat little fraud because he might get his new 'legal team' to sue me... Like his last totally incompetent / obviously lied to / just plain full of shit "(Former) Internet Defamation Experts" legal team sued Connie and pretended to sue Jason, Rationalwiki and

...Now obviously the last thing I want is to be dragged into court by the weasely little butter-ball waste of human DNA and his $700,000 per annum legal team... Nah... Not really... Bernd... Sorry... Leonard... Please, please, please SUE ME YOU LYING, DUPLICITOUS, SCAMMING, RACIST, ANTI-SEMITIC, HOMOPHOBIC, MISOGYNIST, CORPULENT, SLAP-HEADED, PIG-IGNORANT LITTLE ARSEHOLE QUACK... You'd have to sue me in England of course but it's well known that libel settlements in England are HUGE!!!!.. But you'd have to win first and you'd last about 30 seconds in the witness-box before you ran out crying like a little bitch when you'd actually have to prove things like you being a doctor, being in general practice for 16 years, being a 'professor of psychology', having 32,000 successes curing cancer and curing your dear mutti of Hep C 15 years before it was discovered... None of which EVER F**KING HAPPENED.


  1. The little twerp seriously does not understand irony, because today (18 December) he posted a link to a book called "Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil." (Not surprisingly it is one of those "blame the Jews" books but that's okay because it was written by one of the "good Jews.") And I posted a screen shot of LoonyC's post on the public Facebook group, GIN Network Truth, with links to my blog, Bernie's, Salty's and yours. I do believe in telling the truth and shaming the devil -- or trying to do so. But some devils are utterly shameless, though easily embarrassed.

  2. I have been following blogs like Cosmic Connie, Salty Droid, GINtruth, and a couple of others, for a while, but have never actually commented. Now that I have found another excellent blog on the subject of self-proclaimed gurus (a.k.a. new age / self-help charlatans), I will certainly be adding it to my bookmarks.

    What I'd like to say, is: You independent bloggers that dedicate your time and energy to exposing scum of the earth like Klein/Witcher/Coldwell (or whatever name he goes by these days) -- I consider it a public service, and you guys have my utmost respect.

    Keep up the good work, and let's hope that the people, who STILL buy into the bullshit of these despicable specimen of humanity, will soon awake to the fact that they're being taken for a ride - big time.

    I'd love to see this disgusting meatball publicly exposed for the fraud that he is. And I do wonder why it still hasn't happened -- despite the overwhelming evidence available online that proves fair and square that this guy is a MAJOR quack. Aye, it's probably because no-one has really heard of this bugger, so nobody cares. And yeah... if the "Big Pharma" (or even... anyone) were after him - quite obviously, he'd be gone by now, and wouldn't be spewing his vile, ridiculous tripe all over social media, but, sadly, he's too insignificant to be given the time of day by figures of authority, so he continues to attracts a small following of ignorant sheep and keeps agitating us - charlatan-haters.

    Makes you wonder... are his followers mentally handicapped or something? No really, who would follow this ignorant, lying scumbag -- when it's probably even obvious to a single-celled organist that he's a TOTAL weasel? Isn't it quite obvious that this pig-faced moron is highly delusional and mentally unstable? People like him should be isolated, as a matter of fact.

    - Dannii

  3. Exposing Coldwell will not stop until the authorities take note and call him to task on his claims.
    I do know from some emails and comments I've received, that some folks have seen him for who he really is. But sadly there are still those who swoon on his every lie.
    In the new year I'll be adding links in the side bar to external blog posts like this, for further reach.
    We will not stop until these douchebags are gone!