Wednesday, 23 December 2015

In which Lenny reverts to anti-semitic type....

After yesterday's post I'm happy to report that Not-A-Doctor Coldwell is back on bigoted form with this idiotic post...

Obviously Lenny's deeply ingrained anti-semitism, poor grasp of English and breathtaking lack of intelligence prevent him spotting that the 'interview' is... Like his 'qualifications'... Obviously fake.

Here's the blurb under the YouTube video...

And here are the titles of some other videos from the same guy...

  • Hitler explains the international Jewish problem.
  • Michael Jasckson's opinion about Jews - They are leeches.
  • Marlon Brando - Jews Control Hollywood
  • Isreali minister. We always use the anti-semitism trick or bring up the holocaust.
  • President Nixon on the Jewish question
  • Stop the genocide of European mankind - David Duke.
  • I don't date outside my race.
...All of which link to theforbiddentruth website of which Lenny is obviously a keen reader... It is of course a rabidly right-wing and antisemitic disgrace... Just like Lenny the Liar.

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  1. Yes, all's right with the world again. You can't keep a good hater down. But Loony did manage his usual Merry Christmas message (which has well over 200 likes as of now), and he said he was "taking a day off from fighting evil" in order to enjoy the holiday. Too bad he can't take a day off from BEING evil.