Wednesday, 13 January 2016

In which Lenny behaves exactly as I predicted.

In my last post I predicted that Lenny the fake doctor and genuine racist would attempt to paint his (sadly temporary) banning from Facebook as the fascist gagging of his posts about the 'Muslim, Kenyan, Negro in the Whitehouse' rather than the reality that he was banned for posting racist hate speech... And sure enough he's done exactly that..

No you horrible little f**king Nazi charlatan quack liar you were banned because I reported you for this racist shite...

So basically it's more bullshit from the world's leading expert in bullshit.


  1. Yes, he is terribly predictable. And the reason that "you have never even heard of" the STD to which he is referring in that hateful little screed is that, as discussed here previously, leishmaniasis -- the "flesh eating" disease that made the news recently due to outbreaks in Syria -- is NOT a sexually transmitted disease. Something you would think that a highly trained physician would know.

    That is unless (as also mentioned here previously) he is indeed having sex with sand flies, in which case it might be a STD from his perspective.

    Clearly he does not understand Facebook's concept of "community standards." Frankly I think their standards are often a little too lenient -- it took me months to get them to remove posts he wrote that were a blatant attempt to endanger me -- but apparently they are quicker to remove racially/ethnically offensive posts such as Lenny is so fond of spewing.

    But he can still spew on The Only Answer to Cancer page if he wishes, since he hasn't been banned from there that I know of. And he has several other pages as well.

  2. ...And rumour has it the sand fly said "Is it in yet?" :-D