Sunday, 10 January 2016

In which Lenny gets kicked off Facebook... Again...

I have no doubt that if / when Lenny does get his main Facebook page reinstated... And I'm hoping that's never... He will claim it's because he's posting the TROOF!!! about 'The Muslim Negro in the Whitehouse' as he so charmingly puts it and not for posting more of his vile racist screeds... Well here's the evidence....


  1. Loony says that he has been blocked for 30 days this time. On a January 9 post on his German Facebook page he ranted about it and said something about the criminal Zuckerberg, as well as insinuating that the Muslim immigrants had something to do with it... I couldn't really tell from the awkward Google translation. But he wrote about it on his new German site that he said will be taking the place of his Facebook pages.

  2. You probably also saw that on January 9 on his main (English) Facebook page, Loony bragged that "Dr. C's" books are now in Arabic. To back this claim he linked to an article on a web site that merely reiterated his customary cancer-cure spiel, which can be found on dozens and dozens of sites on the Web, but there was no indication that any of his books have actually been translated into or published in Arabic. Here is the Googlish version of the link he shared.

    But his idiot fans didn't even bother to question his claim. One of the most loyal minions, a chap named Peter H, said he would be sure to tell all of his Arabic-speaking friends about it. But I bet he will NOT tell them that Loony has frequently accused Muslims of being camel/goat/sheep/corpse f----rs. Frankly I think the entire Arab world should know about that.

  3. Hi Connie... I did see that claim in passing but never clicked on the link... As I tend not to follow any of his inane links on the grounds that they will all be complete bollocks. Given the fact that Clodwell's book (and lets face it... They are the same book with different covers) barely sell anything in English the chances of him having them translated into Arabic are pretty much zero. Before anybody translates them into another language they'd have to sort out the execrable English first.

    You are of course quite right that the Arabic speaking world really should know about his blatant racism and anti-Islamic rantings. Not all Arab speakers are Muslim of course and not all Muslims are Arabic speakers but... But Lenny's basic attitude towards anybody who isn't him is obvious to everybody.