Thursday, 14 January 2016

In which nothing seems to go right for Lenny The Liar....

Poor old Lenny... It seems everything he touches turns to shit...

For some time now he has been posting his German language crap to (No... I'd never heard of it either)... In a bid to escape the fascist censoring removal of his Obama racist posts by Facebook but even that seems to have gone south now...

Never mind Lenny... You still have your Twitter feed and your own webshites... Shame nobody reads them really innit?

Incidentally.... It's worth mentioning the fact that when Coldwell's page was working he was still telling lies about being a doctor even though he previously said...

"Due to the fact that Leonard Coldwell has not requested any recognition of his degrees  in Germany and does not act as a doctor in Germany he does not have the title of doctor in Germany. All references to his doctorate are therefore only valid in the US. Dr Leonard Coldwell has no influence over what other's call him or the titles they give him".
As is par for the course he simply can't remember what he's written... But then they say a good liar needs a good memory and Lenny isn't a good liar... He's a f**king terrible one...


  1. And he is still publishing lies on his own main site about being a doctor.

    As usual, this is just a curated post written by someone else, based on a 2012 video of an interview between Lenny and a guy named Ott who calls himself the Cosmic Cowboy.

    Lenny must really be desperate to be dredging up old stuff like this for his current blog.

  2. Well I suppose that's one positive thing we can say about Lenny... He's very keen on recycling. He's been recycling the same book for years, he's been recycling his ihealthtube videos for years and he's been recycling the same half-arsed schtick for years. He's even tried to recycle the GIN scam but I don't think that's really worked.

    It would make a great epitaph... "Here Lies Lenny (as he did in life). He wasn't original but he loved to recycle other people's shit".

  3. What's really sad for Lenny is that since he is banned from Facebook he couldn't see all of the warm birthday wishes on his big day, January 28. Wait... I guess there weren't any warm birthday wishes for him on Facebook. He doesn't publicize that January 28 is his birthday, any more than he publicizes that he was born Bernd Klein aka Bernd Witchner, the latter name having been borrowed for passport purposes from an ex-wife. But, birthday or no, one or two people have expressed concern about his absence from Facebook. As far as many others are concerned, though, Facebook is an altogether nicer and more civil place without him.

    And in related news, it looks like there is another stuffed shirt on RationalWiki, taking you to task for allegedly actionable words about Lenny. I so wish that I could join that discussion but I have never been able to figure out how to do it.

  4. Hi Connie... Sorry for not responding... Busy with real life :-D

    I had noticed the rationalwiki thing... I'll be posting the original unexpurgated directors cut of my article in a few days when I get the time and inclination.