Monday, 15 February 2016

In which Lenny sheds a tear for a fellow moron....

They say "By their friends shall ye know them"... Or something like that anyway... It's probably from the bible or Shakespeare or sumfink... I can't be arsed looking it up... Perhaps I imagined it... Anyway... In that spirit I give you the Deutsche Dimwit's latest offering concerning the appalling terrible sad comically poetic beating into unconsciousness of renowned British football hooligan, racist and retard Tommy 'More Aliases Than Klaus Barbie' Robinson*...

If you live in the USofA or one of the other colonies you probably won't be familiar with the name Tommy Robinson but here in the UK this appalling shit-smear waste of simian DNA will be familiar as a long-standing moron from the extreme right...

Like his would be boyfriend Lenny... our home-grown-half-wit has a penchant for pseudonyms... His real name is Stephen Christopher Yaxley but apart from the Tommy Robinson alias (no relation to the esteemed English institution that is Tom Robinson) he's also gone by Andrew McMaster, Paul Harris and Stephen Yaxley-Lennon... It is said** that at weekends he likes to be called The Honourable Lady Ffiona Ffortescue-Ffrench; Third Duchess of Dunstable but that's neither here nor there...

Now Stephen / Tommy / Andrew / Paul / Stephen / Ffiona might be a stranger to his own name but he's no stranger to either Nazi politics and racism nor a stranger to the criminal law system... He has been a member of the British National Party where he subsequently and comically claimed to be ignorant of the fact they were racists... He was the leader of the 'Clearly Not Racist Except They F**king Are' English Defence League and founder of the equally racist European Defence League... He actually had the brass neck to claim that he left the EDL because of the "dangers of far-right extremism" which is a bit like attending an orgy and leaving after five hours because there's a lot of shagging going on.

He was subsequently 1.61% of the total membership of the comically short-lived BNP spin-off British Freedom Party and and is currently plying his wares EDL v2.0 PEDIGA UK which has less (or is it fewer?) members than The Flat Earth Society's round the world yacht club.

As for his criminal record...

2003: Assaulting an off-duty cop who attempted to stop him beating up his girlfriend... 12 months porridge.

2010: Threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour (football hooliganism basically)... 12 month rehabilitation order, 150 hours of unpaid work, banned from football grounds for three years and £650 costs.

2011: Common assault... 12 months suspended,

2011: Breach of bail conditions... Returned to prison... Went on hunger-strike but got peckish after 24 hours and started eating again... Not so much a 'hunger-strike' as 'missing lunch'.

2011: Rooftop protest in Zurich... £3000 fine plus three days in a 'grimy prison'.

2012: Passport offences... 10 months stir.***

2012: Three counts of mortgage fraud... 18 months in Her Majesty's one star hotels.


*  I might not know my bible or Shakespeare but I know my Carter USM... “More aliases than Klaus Barbie” quote from the excellent 'Sheriff Fatman'... CHOON!!!

**  By me.

***  He's banned from entering the US so he used a false passport... And got caught.

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  1. Thank you for providing background on this joker and getting the rest of us up to speed. Admittedly I wasn't exactly familiar with this fallen "hero," but the very fact that it was a Breitbart link, and that... well... Lenny presented him as some kind of hero/martyr...those were red flags for me. Also, the mention of Islamists was a big clue.

    Lenny also published a FB post celebrating the heroism/martyrdom of the late LaVoy Finicum, who more than likely committed suicide by cop (or by Federal agent). Finicum was no hero either.