Friday, 19 February 2016

In which Lenny's impressive made up statistics aren't that impressive....

OK... It's pretty much a given that The Berlin Butterball™ just makes figures up in exactly the same way as he makes up his medical 'facts', his 'qualifications' and his whole f**king life story so what is today's magic number?...

So he's claiming one of his websites is in the top 0.5% worldwide but what does that actually mean even assuming it is true?

There are over ONE BILLION websites on the web and the vast majority of them get virtually no traffic whatsoever so being in the top 0.5% only means you get some traffic... It's hardly something to boast about... Even this blog gets between 50 and 100 hits per day... The big problem with Lenny's claim is that "top 0.5%" only means in the top 50,000,000 websites... Yes that's fifty MILLION...  Somewhat akin to me claiming to be amongst the top 30,000,000 most famous Englishmen... It's true but utterly meaningless.

As for his hacking claim... Yeah Lenny... We've heard it all before... You must be the most hacked person on the web which suggest you are either very unlucky, don't know shit about running a website, BIG FARMER really are out to get you despite the fact you're not actually a doctor and you clearly don't have a f**king clue about science, medicine or anything else... Or... Vastly more likely... You're just making shit up again to bolster your self appointed status as a Brave Maverick Doctor.
"The Brave Maverick Doctor is a part of the mythos of woo, anti-science and conspiracist thinking generally.

In the usual scenario a "brave maverick doctor" invents a miracle cure for cancer, AIDS, autism, chronic Lyme disease, malaria and toe fungus, but this is suppressed by evil Big Pharma and he is hounded by Big Pharma Shills who cause trouble with advertising and medical regulators on the wholly spurious grounds that nobody else in the entire world has ever managed to duplicate the effect of the miracle cure.

Large numbers of Brave Maverick Doctors are not doctors at all - many claim the title ND, which stands for "Not a Doctor""
Does that remind you of anybody?


Thinking about it though... You're not brave as your refusal to answer questions about your 'qualifications', life story and name proves. Add to that your constant empty threats of legal action and your cowardly attempts to get your fans to harm Connie with your disgusting lies about your dead mutt which when you know damned well she had nothing to do with it. As a matter of fact you are so f**king spineless you even withheld your actual address from legal papers when trying... And failing... To sue Jason. I say failing because you didn't even turn up for the hearing... You know as well as I do you'd last about 10 seconds in the witness box before the judge clocked you for what you are... A fat, egotistical, congenital liar.

That takes care of 'brave'...

'Maverick'?.. No... Just a f**kwit.

'Doctor'?... Not in this universe... Not even close... I have a greyhound with a better grasp of human biology than you and he struggles to bark and walk at the same time.


  1. Attacked his "mein" site? I didn't know he was dabbling in Chinese cuisine, but he's definitely a Renaissance man. Or a dilettante... take your pick.

    I saw Sarah Julie Barendses's Facebook post from February 17, in which she complained that a "client's" site had been "hacked" again. After a brief conversation among Sarah and her followers, she revealed that she had had an epiphany and had come to the conclusion that fixing web site glitches was not what she wanted to be doing. So apparently she handed the problem over to another company but will still get a cut of the action.

    Meanwhile, the sycophants and idiots on Lenny's thread continue to congratulate him for being the brave truth-teller that they seem to believe he is.

    Finally, I can't believe I was unaware of the existence of the Brave Maverick Doctor (BMD) entry on RationalWiki. Had I known of it I would surely have incorporated it into this 2014 post:

    Lenny should add BMD to his string of phony creds. Although in his case it should be BMFD, for Brave Maverick Fake Doctor.

  2. BTW, for anyone who happens to be reading this and would like some more background on some of Coldwell's fake "hacking" dramas, the matter was mentioned on the very fine RationalWiki piece on Coldwell. Also there is this, under the subhead "Coldwell's bio site glitches, and he lies that it was hacked":

    The Wix-powered Bio site discussed in that 2014 post has undergone several transformations since then, but Coldwell clearly tried to get away with some pretty outrageous defamation.

    I hope for their sake that the IT company that is now apparently handling Coldwell's constant web problems does not have to deal directly with him. If they do have to interact with him, more than likely he will end up losing his temper and threatening to sue them for some imagined trespass.

  3. I'd be very surprised if Coldwell could afford to employ any sort of IT company worth the name to manage his inane ramblings. The layout of his main site is fairly respectable but his 'bio' and IBMS sites look they were designed in the 1980s by a colour-blind hedgehog with a migraine. It's like Geocites never went away. I can't believe anybody would actually pay for crap like that.