Thursday, 25 February 2016

Inn witch Lennee Carnt Spel Four Toffy...

Well there's not much to report from The Frankfurt Fatso over the last few days... The usual kissing of Donald Trump's arse and the usual bullshit so here for your mild amusement are just a couple of weeks worth of spelling mistakes by the "multi-bestselling-author" with four PhDs.

"Procecute" (Prosecute)
"Ist in ist last breath" (is in its last breath)
"Poltitit" (Political)
"Polit" (Political.. Again)
"Opponants" (Opponents)
"Respocible" (Responsible)
"Archieves" (Archives or perhaps anchovies)
"Committet" (Committed)
"Mein" (My... Not actually a spelling mistake just the wrong f**king language)
"Cought" (Caught)
"Preventet" (Prevented)
"Kutture" (Culture)
"Dead" (Death)
"Dead" (Death... Again)
"Dowon" (Down)
"Enlish" (English)
"Wifes" (Wives)
"Threaded" (Threatened)
"Frieds request" (Friend requests... Or he wants more chips)
"Doctor Leonard Coldwell" (Herr Bernd Klein)

Apparently the German for "Illiterate" is "Analphabet".

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