Friday, 23 September 2016

In which Lenny doesn't read the pages he links to.... Again...

Well there's not been a huge amount to report from Lenny-Land over the last few weeks.... The usual anti-Muslim, anti-Hillary and anti-Obama crap, plus a lot of "Look how fabulously wealthy and famous I am" nonsense and not much more but today I came across another great example of Coldwell not actually reading the webpages he links to...

First we had this...

...and then without pausing for breath this...

Clearly Lenny-The-Liar didn't actually bother to read either of them because what the have to say about his brudda-from-anudda-mudda, Joseph Mercola, is not exactly brimming over with enthusiasm.

Probably the funniest thing about this is the fact that Not-A-Doctor Coldwell is actually linking to Science Blogs a.k.a Respectful Influence which has a couple of posts about him...

Here are a few little quotes from Orac a.k.a REAL doctor David Gorski...

"Not surprisingly, Coldwell is not a real doctor. He’s never, as far as I’ve been able to tell, earned an MD, although, like Robert O. Young, he has degrees from diploma mills. Actually, it’s not clear what, if any, degrees he has, although he’s referred to himself as an ND and having four PhDs.
The bottom line is that Leonard Coldwell is a cancer quack of the most despicable sort. There’s no evidence he can cure cancer. There’s no evidence that he even knows what he’s talking about with respect to cancer and lots of evidence that he is utterly clueless about cancer biology. If there’s one thing I always dread about Breast Cancer Awareness Month is that it always brings quacks like Coldwell out of the woodwork."


"The closest I’ve ever come to going “full Orac” was when a patient asked me about Leonard Coldwell, because I view him to be as much a charlatan and con man as Brian Clement. I quickly restrained myself, but could not hide my alarm that my patient was thinking of going to Coldwell."


Well done fatso... You've made yourself look like the idiot you are... AGAIN.


  1. But still. He is the ONLY living Mega Star in his field! And clearly he is "enjoing the his success."

  2. Yes... I noticed that. I also noticed that he's sold a million more books (up from 57 million two weeks ago to 58 million today) and added another 100 million video views to his impressive title.

    That's one thing you can depend on Lenny for... When he's called out on his impossible 'statistics' he doesn't scale them back to believable levels... He just makes them more ridiculous.

    What a laughable little dumpling he is :-D