Monday, 21 November 2016

IRONY: Adjective - Having the appearance or characteristics of iron.

So Lenny is back from his latest enforced holiday from his main English language Facebook page having been banned again for supporting Donald Trump pasting hate-speech and boy is he making up for lost time with his scatter-gun posts about Hillary / Trump / Vaccinations and the usual shit.

I'm reminded by his many posts today along the lines of "Thum thay illegal imgrunts are steelin' mah tax dollar" that he has peviously claimed that he doesn't pay tax and you don't have to either... "Just buy my Only Answer To Tyranny book and save $$$$s" and that I've not yet got around to tipping off the North Carolina division of the IRS to his earnings from his Idiocy Based Medicine Scam Deutschland. He claims to have about 30,000 members at around €15,000 a go so that's about €45,000,000 or $47,842,650 at today's prices...

Dear IRS.

You might like to investigate the tax affairs of a certain Mr Leonard Coldwell who claims to have over $100 billion in assets and a billionaire lifestyle including a private jet, a butler, $250,000 in Rolex watches and $1000 lunches.

He also claims to be running a 'secret society' which is netting him in excess of $47 million per annum and to be a best selling author of Stephen Kingian proportions.

Or maybe he's just an habitual liar, a scam artist and generally full of shit. I'm sure you'll decide after an audit.

Yours etc.

But anyway...

Here are two posts from yesterday... See if you can spot the failure of joined-up-thinking...

Answers on a postcard to the usual address.


  1. Ah, so good to see you blogging again. (And so NOT good to see Loony C Facebooking again, but at least he does provide entertainment.) I noticed another FB post of his from today, Nov. 23. He actually shared a link to a comment from retired news anchor Dan Rather, who said, "Now is a time when none of us can afford to remain seated or silent." Actually Rather's point was that the election of Donald Trump is very bad news and that we are going to have to stand up against tyranny. In short, it was for all practical purposes an anti-Trump post. But that subtlety was apparently lost on LoonyC.

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  3. I'm not at all sure that subtlety has anything to do with it. A significant minority of the links he posts don't say what I think it is safe to assume he thinks they say. I'm absolutely certain that he doesn't actually read a lot of the articles he links to beyond their headlines and even then it's sometimes hard to work out why he posted them at all. He has in the recent past actually linked to an article on Respectful Insolence which is solidly against quacks and charlatans like him... And not just LIKE him... HIM.