Friday, 25 November 2016

Would Lenny know the truth if it bit him on the arse? Nope...

From his newly secretified Eyn Rand account comes the above shite...

Is it true that Muslim nurses are exempt from washing their hands before surgery? No... Of course it fucking isn't but Lenny never lets the truth stand in the way of his posting racist shit does he?

The truth? Muslim nurses may be allowed to wear long sleeves where there is no infection risk. They have to follow EXACTLY the same hand washing protocols as everybody else and surgical nurses, like everybody else in the O.R, would be wearing long sleeved gowns, surgical gloves, surgical masks and head coverings. After thorough washing of course.

While I'm at it I would like to remind the idiot responsible for writing "You come to our country you follow our rules" and "Let's get 10,000 shares in support of Trump deporting those who refuse to adopt our culture" that the UK is NOT your country and Trump is NOT running the UK so... Go fuck yourself.


  1. It looks as if the little perv may have gotten suspended from Facebook again; both "Leonard Coldwell" and "Eyn Rand" have been sort of quiet for the past few days.

  2. Yeah... And his "Dr. Leonard Coldwell" German language account too as far as I can tell. All three seem to be stuck on 27th Nov as the last post. I wonder if FB have finally got wise to his side-stepping suspension by using multiple accounts and banned the lot.

    Oh well... It gives me some time off from chronicling his buffoonery I suppose.