Monday, 21 November 2016

Man who's not a doctor thinks Soviet cosmonaut was a NASA astronaut.

Words cannot adequately describe how breathtakingly stupid you would have to be to post this idiotic shit.

In the absence of adequate words lets just say... "as breathtakingly stupid as Leonard Coldwell".


  1. I think the drink is seriously eating away what's left of his brain cells. I fear that he isn't going to have much left by the time he realizes that the orange blowfish isn't the savior for whom he'd been waiting, and for whom he stood up so valiantly on Facebook. I would hate to miss out on his loony rants about how the NWO got to Trump too. I think he needs to pace himself so we can get at least a few more months of cheap entertainment.

  2. I'm quietly confident we have plenty more of this sort of crap to come as he clearly doesn't have anything else much to do with his time. His IBMS Germany scam seems to have died on its arse, the same as US version, both of which he seems to have pretty much given up plugging and aside from appeals for content for his new magnum opus on vaccination I don't see much on the horizon in the way of income stream.

    He's barely even pushing his new 'supplements' business and even the affiliate sales of worthless EMF 'blockers' must add up to the square root of fuck all. I'm guessing the golden horsey and the Liberace watches will soon be on eBay at this rate.