Monday, 15 August 2016

In which we reflect on the transitory nature of friendship....

Lenny is on good form today vomiting moronic posts to his Facebook profile accusing Hillary Clinton of being everything from senile to... Well... Whatever you want really but it does make me wonder what happened to Lenny's close friendship with Bill-dog and Hill-dog of yesteryear...

Taken from his bio website...

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  1. Well, Billary were invited to one of Drumpf's weddings a few years ago, so I guess LoonyC is in good company. In Loony's case I think I know the origin of the hobnobbing-with-the-Clintons story. Loony and his ex-girlfriend/business partner (who had the good sense to leave him in early 2007 as some of the more unsavory allegations against him were coming to light) told me that she and Lenny were briefly involved with a rather exclusive group that hosted something known as Renaissance Weekend, "an American retreat for leaders in business and finance, government, the media, religion, medicine, science, technology and the arts. Conversations are off the record and subject matter ranges widely, tending to focus heavily on policy and business issues."

    They became involved with the group through the ex-girlfriend's connections, not Lenny's. The ex-g.f. says they got kicked out (the very strong implication being that it had to do with Lenny), but later, after Lenny was gone from her life, she was re-invited. It isn't too difficult to imagine the possible story behind the ousting, especially since the Renaissance events purport to be all about "civility."

    But Lenny has never been one to let a marginal or questionable connection go unexploited. When he and his ex-b.f.f. Peter Wink launched their IMBS-ing U Master Baiter's Society in early 2013, their initial web site (which was totally revamped soon after Bernie and I snarked about it) said this on Lenny's bio page:
    "He is also a highly active Member of the Renaissance secret society founded by U.S. President Bill Clinton."

    Here is a link to a screen shot from the long-defunct web site. I embedded it in my January 2013 post, "Meet the new scam, same as the old scam, Part 1."

    The claim that Bill Clinton founded the "society" is of course totally incorrect; Renaissance Weekend was "founded in 1980 on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina by Linda LeSourd Lader and her husband Philip Lader,[2] the former U.S. Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s..."

    Apart from the weekends, one of the events hosted by the organization since 1980 is a New Year's House Party. Most likely Lenny and the ex attended ONE of these weekends, obviously before they were ousted, and it is entirely possible that the Clintons were in attendance as well, or were supposed to be in attendance. For Lenny, that's enough to claim that he partied with Bill and Hillary on New Years Eve weekends.