Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Yet another look into the beliefs of Lenny "Don't call me a Jew-hater or I'll sue" Coldwell the Jew-hater...

For a man who sues people for calling him a Jew-hater Lenny does seem to have an unhealthy interest in anti-Semitc websites at the moment...

Here's another one of Lenny's Links to a truly bizarre and rabidly hateful website...

and here's the potted highlights...

...So it's pretty obvious the sort of thing Lenny is Googling these days... Other charming articles on that monumentally fuck-witted website include...

"Jill Stein (Jew, Kike Feminist) officially nominated Green Party candidate for US president (NOT GOOD!!!)"

"9/11 and the Zionist Question: Is Noam Chomsky (Kike) a Disinfo Agent for Israel? – Part 7"

"Pornography as a secret Zionist and Freemason weapon against the White Race"

 And the truly revolting...

"Ban All The Jews!"

...which contains this...

"As I sit here and contemplate the simple fact that the Jews who run Facebook have been able to silence my voice on that platform for a total of 70 days, I began to compose hateful music that I know will cause someone out there in the world to take their weapons and kill the first Jew that they see.  Let this song serve that purpose but also to serve for a justified call for all Jews to leave all non Jewish lands permanently and emigrate to Israel where they can destroy themselves away from the rest of the sane world.
Ban All The Jews!

These Jews have cut me off from the world
It is my hatred
It kills them dead!

It will be so silent, the end of this world
Ban all the Jews now
They are all wrong

They will never stop
Trying to take my life from me
When will it ever end
Never shall I let them take my life from me

Shoot down a Jew’s head now
Shoot it even louder
Stab off a Jew’s heart
Stab a little harder!

Now that the words are in the air
It will be their affliction
Their sickness is no more!
Killing off the Jews and the noise they have made
Ban all the Jews now
They are all wron

 So yeah... Leonard Coldwell is not a Jew-hater... EXCEPT HE OBVIOUSLY FUCKING IS! and not only that he links to sites that call for the murder of Jews.

This is probably a good time to remind ourselves of paragraph 11 in that pathetically inept lawsuit Lenny The Lunatic launched (or pretended to launch) against Connie, Jason, Rationalwiki and... bizarrely... whois.com...

...so yeah... That's one thing Lenny won't be able to get his cut-price lawyers to sue for in future because it's proven to be true... Not A Doctor Leonard Coldwell is an active anti-Semite as proven repeatedly on this blog and elsewhere...

Don't like that Lenny... So sue me! The address of The High Court in London is...

Queen's Bench Division 
The Royal Courts of Justice  

Address for service of summons available at the usual email address.... Bring it on biatch!

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