Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Fame at last.. FAME AT LAST!!!!

For those of you who don't read the comments I'm delighted to say that I have finally received the fame and no doubt additional fortune that comes with being added to the list of big pharma shills (formerly 'whores') and 'presstitutes' exposed over on the Exposing Connie Schmidt blog.


Now if I were Lenny / Cathy Coldwell I'm not sure I'd be that thrilled by ECS as it tends to draw more attention to his/her blatant bullshitting, fantastic tales, racism, bigotry and megalomania than it does to his all-encompassing magnificence but y'know... Each to his own.

Giving credit where credit is due, the author of the blog, Florian / Didier has, thus far at least, been perfectly open to actually debating the issue of Lenny's patently absurd claims so... y'know... That's more than Lenny himself is willing to do. In all honesty I think Florian / Didier couldn't carry an argument in a bucket but at least he tries.

There is a 'Der Untergang' video at least partly devoted to me... Which is very flattering... But not very good to be honest.

Apparently... "They will be served with a long blogpost on [t]here debunking all of their false claims, stay tuned..." I await the post with baited breath.

Anyhoo... Pop over to http://exposingconnieschmidt.blogspot.co.uk/ and give the guy some traffic. But play nice please.


  1. Still waiting on the long blogpost about us. I Maybe FloDidi blew his wad on that long conversation on your previous post.

  2. I was rather working on the basis that it was probably like Lenny's next book... Always in the future.