Thursday, 19 January 2017

Pretend Doctor Coldwell gives black people a rest and goes back to being anti-semitic.

It's nice to know that Lenny's recent public hatred of black people hasn't dulled his long-standing hatred for the Jews...

UPDATE: The above post was made about 3.15pm GMT and I tweeted it at about 4.00pm... By 6.45pm Lenny had posted the link below...

I really don't know what to make of this as following the link (Here via Google Translate) leads to a Spiegel Online story which documents the fact that researchers at the German National Archives have identified (so far) 175,191 Jewish victims of the Nazi's murderous war on humanity... Note... That's only the Jewish victims who were living in Germany.

It goes on to state...

"In total, the Holocaust suffered about six million people, including at least 1.5 million children."

I can see three possible explanations as to why Lenny would have posted this link when he did...

The first, and least cynical of explanations is that he just didn't read the link and posted it because he saw the words 'Germany' and 'Jews' in the same sentence but didn't bother actually reading the article.

The second and second least cynical explanation is that he DID read it but stopped when he got to the figure of 175,191 dead and thought "Ach so. Zer ist more evidence that zee holocaust wasn't that bad"... He never got as far as the 6,000,000 figure which is widely recognised by people who aren't holocaust denying arseholes.

The third and most cynical explanation is that he saw this post (and yes Lenny... I do know you read this blog but I'm not going to tell you HOW I know it... Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more)... And he had a brief flash of lucidity about his self evident racism, anti-semitism and all round bigotry.

I'll be quite frank... I think most of the people who follow Lenny's antics on his multiple Facebook accounts... When he's not on the naughty step... Are fucking idiots. I think people who actually give him money towards for his idiotic scams are REAL fucking idiots. But I don't believe most of them are nasty minded racists or raging anti-semites.

During Lenny's doomed sham lawsuit of 2015 he got his liars lawyers to argue to Jason that his being publicly anti-Semitic would be "vocational suicide" (Full story here)... Perhaps Lenny has... Very belatedly... Realised that it's actually true.

As long as I have my breath... And don't have anything better to do with my time... I intend to keep this blog going until Coldwell either crawls back under the rock from which he emerged or stops posting shit on the internet... Which add up to the same thing. Will this harm Coldwell's business interests? I sincerely hope so and this blog is creeping up the Google rankings just like the Rationalwiki article did (it's now on page one I'm please to say). This blog's prime raison d'etre is to catalogue his fuckwittery... And what could be more fuckwitted than claiming to be a great humanitarian and healer while simultaneously making repeated posts to social media full of lies, hatred, bigotry, racism and more hate?

I've said it before many times and I'll say it again... EVERY SINGLE THING I post on this blog is true. If Lenny doesn't like it he can get his $700,000 per annum legal team (hardy-fucking-ha-ha) to email me on the address at the top right of this blog for a full name and postal address for the defamation suit... And then I'll see them... And best of all I'll see Never-Has-Been-And-Never-Will-Be-A-Doctor Leonard Coldwell in the high court in London... It'll be more than worth the train fare.
"I won't start the fight but I will finish it!" - Dr Leonard Coldwell.

"Go fuck yourself Coldwell!" - Longdog.

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