Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Lenny's ego finally reaches peak stupid...

No longer just the world's greatest living healer, world's wealthiest man and world's leading expert on everything pretend Doctor Leonard Coldwell finally achieves his obviously well deserved status of deity.

What an utterly ridiculous, egomaniacal, silly little bullshitting oaf he really is.


  1. The God of Healing is spending quite a lot of time posting old videos, isn't he? That Health Freedom Expo vid above is seven years old. And by the way, he threw the Health Freedom Expo under the bus a couple of years after that. This is from Feb. 2013:

  2. I assume the pea-roasting of ancient videos is part of his advertising drive for his Idiocy Based Money Scam Mugs Society seminar on April Fool's day... How appropriate.

    I see he's now claiming to have cured 1,400,000 people of something or other... that's 100 people per day, every day, for the last 40 years... Completely believable.