Thursday, 19 January 2017

Leonard Coldwell... Fake doctor and champion of conventional medicine....

It seems Lenny has had a change of heart and recognises at last how wonderful the British National Health Service really is...
Now there are a couple of problems with the above.

For a start they seem to be making the common error of confusing England with The United Kingdom, of which England is just one of the four constituent countries.

"You don't have to pay a single penny for anything" isn't quite true. Prescriptions in England cost £8.40 per item although there are many exemptions and the maximum you have to pay in a year is £104... Prescriptions in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are all free. There are also capped charges for dental care and eye care... With similar exemptions as above.

It's not strictly true of course to say healthcare in the UK is free... We pay for it through our taxes but in any event it's nice to see that Lenny fully endorses social health-care... Although not apparently in the US.

Here in the UK we quite simply adore the NHS and, although it's not perfect, politicians who neglect, attack or belittle it do so at their own peril. It is, in effect, free at the point of delivery and comprehensive and the standards of care are, on the whole, excellent... And this has another effect... We have a VERY low tolerance for unqualified quacks like Codwell.

There's a few reasons why Coldwell would come to a very sticky end in the UK..

  • We don't allow 'naturopaths' and similar unqualified charlatans to practice medicine.
  • The Cancer Act 1939 makes it a criminal offence to sell cancer cures to the public.
  • We don't allow the sale of 'supplements' which make unproven medical claims.
  • We don't allow people to use fake qualifications to sell their shit. 

I should probably also add to the the fact that British people are famous for their cynicism which is why we don't put up with con-artists like Lenny.

Probably the strangest thing about Lenny posting this is the fact that the NHS doesn't fuck about with stupid, unproven, unscientific shit like the stupid, unproven, unscientific shit he peddles when it treats cancer... Or anything else come to that... It use conventional medicine. If Lenny's claims that conventional medicine doesn't work, particularly his claim that conventional cancer treatment doesn't work were true then why would he post the above in the first place?

Poor, confused idiot.


  1. It's the bourbon talking again, would be my guess.

  2. I wouldn't be at all surprised. He's just posted a link to a 'breaking news' story that confirms Israel has just used a nuclear weapon in Syria... The obviously fake news dates to 2013 which he doesn't seem to have noticed.

    Oh well... The sun's over the yardarm I suppose and the schnapps in Germany is pretty strong stuff.