Wednesday, 18 January 2017

German Fake Doctor Leonard Coldwell Doesn't Speak German... He says in German...

Not a doctor Leonard Coldwell is barely literate in English but claiming he only speaks English and uses Google Translate to render his words of wisdom complete bullshit into German is stupid even by his execrably stupid standards.

Now I KNOW FOR A FACT Lenny speaks German for I have seen and heard it with my very own eyes and ears respectively. He was born in Germany and lived there for over forty years so I'm reasonably certain he's not forgotten The Hun Tongue in his fifteen or so years as an immigrant to the good old US of A.

For fuck's sake... I've been living in Yorkshire for over 20 years and I've still got my Estuary English Chatham accent so I'm reasonably sure Lenny hasn't forgotten how to speak his native language. His writing posts in English and translating them into German makes about as much sense as me writing in French (at which I'm not even close to being fluent) and using Google to translate it into English which I speak natively.

The only possible theory I can come up with for the ludicrous post below is that he's trying, for reasons best known to the little mouse inside his head working the levers, to pretend he's not actually German at all. Of course his comedy 'Herr Flick of zee Gestapo" accent and ridiculous 70's European porn star moustache would make that rather a difficult story to sustain, but then the greatest minds of our era have never explained why Bernd Klein chose such a non-Teutonic new name as 'Leonard Coldwell'.

Lenny's problem with the written word stems not from his inability to speak German nor does it stem from the admittedly imperfect standards of Google Translate. I have seen enough of his posts in English (or at least what passes for English) to know that his problem is he's a semi-literate oaf... Unless of course he writes his English posts in German and then runs them through Google Translate... Who can say?

I notice at the end he says... "Dum book, this page will delete soon anyway we give these idiots the dickhead price"... I wonder if that means he's going to delete it or Facebook will delete it... Given that he said a few days ago that "Dum book just need to be banned" it's anybody's guess. For a man who has at least six accounts and who spends his every waking hour posting lies, hate, fake news stories, adverts for his own crap and other assorted bullshit he does seem to be awfully keen on the site he claims to despise...


  1. It is possible that the little Teutonic twerp is pretending that his "Golden Turd" post was written by some of his non-English speaking "assistants." I suppose that "dickhead price" was intended to be dickhead *prize*, but in any case there is a big difference between a turd and a penis head. Well, at least that seems to be the case with most male animals. Lenny's mileage may vary.

  2. He criticizes his grammar & spelling critics for not concentrating on the "important news and information" he shares, but he has yet to share anything important, newsworthy or informative.

  3. You would think a man with 136 employees (not sure if that includes his butler and his $700,000 'legal team') he'd have at least one 'assistant' fluent in each language wouldn't you?