Thursday, 12 January 2017

Lenny says black people nowhere near grateful enough towards him...

I'll be expecting Lenny to thank the Russians for the ten million soviet soldiers who died ridding his homeland of the Nazis. Those horrible Nazis who broke his grandpa's bones PRECISELY 243 times for refusing to murder Jews which he says they didn't do anyway.

Oh... Just for the record 620,000 is the total fatalities on both sides of the American Civil war so that figure includes those who died to keep the slaves slaves.


  1. And besides, Lenny's ancestors WERE NOT AMERICANS and didn't fight in the Civil War in the first place, so he isn't even marginally one of the "us" who should be thanked by African Americans, no matter how white he considers himself to be.

    Although I will say that when I first heard of Leonard Coldwell and saw his picture, I thought he was a black man. That pic he used on his "Only Answer" books and on so many web profiles made him look pretty blackish. I thought nothing more about his race beyond that, preferring to focus on his ludicrous claims and of course his then-association with Kevin Trudeau. (I'm an equal opportunity snarker and I've snarked about black and Asian scammers as well as white ones.)

  2. It's not the first time Lenny has posted this picture and I've never been sure whether the person who created it had their tongue well and truly stuck in their cheek or were simply too stupid to realise that it is actually profoundly racist. Clearly the sentiment is 'all black people should thank all white people for the wonderful things they have done for them' which is inherently racist so it's no surprise Lenny posted it.

    Every year in my adopted home town we have The Hull Freedom Festival ( ) inspired by the Hull born anti-slavery campaigner William Wilberforce ( ) and not one black person has ever come up to me and thanked me for The Slavery Abolition Act 1833... What a bunch of ungrateful bastards!!!