Monday, 16 January 2017

Lenny stands up for freedom of expression... As long as you're not black.

After many years of referring to President Obama as a gay, Muslim, Kenyan, Negro, traitor Lenny is getting a bit grumpy that some people aren't cramming their tongues up Clown-Elect Trump's arsehole.

His solution to this unwarranted lack of oaf worship and invocation of the right to free expression seems to depend on your skin colour because in the space of a couple of hours he posted the following three moronic statements...

Leaving aside the question as to why Lenny didn't go back to Germany when Obama was in power if he 'hated amerika [sic] that much' he clearly doesn't seem to grasp that the majority of black people in the USA aren't actually from Africa.

It must really bug Lenny The Racist Not Doctor Coldwell that the majority of black folks in the US are natural born citizens eligible to stand for the post of president... Whereas he... As a mere immigrant... Ain't.

Mind you... I suppose the Jews will be happy that they're being joined in the category of 'dirt' by black folks...

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