Sunday, 1 January 2017

Lenny finishes 2016 as he started it... With hate.

I have been quite disappointed recently with Not-A-Doctor Leonard Coldwell's inability to do anything even vaguely worthy of comment. Yes he's been posting fake news stories and the same old conspiracy theory shit over and over again but that's not really news is it? Stupid is as stupid does and nobody is going to be surprised that a man who tells lies about his qualifications (of which he has none), his achievements (of which he has none) and his life story (of which he has only a fantasy version) would have an affinity for bullshit sites with their bullshit tales...

But anyway... Last night Lenny eventually managed to serve up the goods with an absolutely appalling rant he has copied and pasted from that well know purveyor of hate

I am reminded by my entirely imaginary legal team that in his laughably inept lawsuit of 2015 his laughably inept 'legal team'... Culbertson and Associates... made much of the fact that Coldwell had been defamed by my internet pal Connie who allegedly called him a "Jew hater" who "hates Jews".

I am further reminded by my aforementioned entirely imaginary legal team that Coldwell's aforementioned laughably inept 'legal team' Culbertson and Associates tried to blame his public Hitler worship and rabid anti-Semitism on hackers... Or 'staff'... Or anybody but Coldwell himself as he is "an aspirant professional and self-promoting author is silly" who would be mad to post Nazi shit... Except he did of course. The full story over on Salty Droid's site...

Anyhoo... With that in mind here's what the great humanitarian had to say... And I apologise in advance for the truly revolting content that came after the --------------------------------- s...

(Underlining mine)

An Honest Discussion of Politics, Religion, and all Kinds of Things we
are not Supposed to Talk About.
from the Staff at DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE
Are you aware that there are over 250 brothels in Tel-Aviv? The brothels are filled with Eastern European WHITE girls, abducted or lured to ISRAHELL and end up beaten, raped, and having to service over a 100 clients per day. DISGUSTING filthy Jews are the customers. Beating the girl while having sex is common since these Jewish creatures are not human beings but some sort of alien hybrid with no morals and no feelings of empathy
for anyone but fellow Jews. Jews are taught by their TALMUD that anyone who is not a Jew is an animal. Hence, the girls are treated as, or worse than animals in ISRAHELL. Check it our for yourselves and learn why it is easy to HATE Jews. They bring it on in abundance.

DO NOT BELIEVE what Muslims or your Jew infected government will tell you. Our staff is ardently perusing the Koran and have come to the conclusion that Islam is
anything but peaceful. It is only peaceful for Muslims but not for anyone else. If you are not a Muslim, you WILL be punished. No, ifs, ands, or buts. The word, PUNISHMENT for non believers is almost on every page of the book. The Chief Desk Editor is nearly done reading the thing and he is now very concerned about the Muslim invasion of Canada. The words, SCOURGE and HELL FIRE are also very common in the Koran. Of course, the scourge and the fire is for those who do not subscribe to Islam and refuse to treat women worse than cattle and to spend hours per day on oneʼs knees praying to Allah; a capricious deity who will as soon smite you or reward you, if you believe. There is no rhyme or reason to how that god operates. One minute you can be praying about Heaven and the virgins and young boys dressed in green and the next minute you might be smitten. Hence, the
religion of Islam creates a lot of paranoia in the practitioners. In some places on Earth; the more retarded places like Muslim Somalia, where the AVERAGE IQ of the Negroes is 60, the Koran is all that is read.
That is all those creatures know. Some places demand the children learn the thing by memory. Yikes! Would you say that is dangerous to us when such Sub Saharan üntermenschen are imported in droves into this country? Many of those, ʻRapefugeesʼ carry exotic diseases which our National Health Ministry does not have a problem with. In Europe their health care systems can NO LONGER COPE with the influx of diseases arriving with the human rats invading from Africa. If Canadians do not wake up soon and start seriously holding Zio toads like, John McCallum and that gay Jewish caballero we call our PM to account for this treason; letting 25,000 humanoid parasites to come and feed off us, we will see a sorry result in under 30 years when those Negroes out breed the WHITE population and convert the country to a Sharia country, where it is considered legal to mutilate,  stone, behead, beat people in public for minor infractions of the Koranic way of seeing things. The parasites our government is bringing into the country and paying hugely for with food subsidies, housing, education, health care etc. all at levels far beyond what many of our WHITE seniors are living on per month. The Muslims will breed like flies and like the vermin that those ʻSyrian Refugeesʼ are, will infect the body politic and render it into a rotting corpse; all thanks to JEWS and their Liberal stooges in all levels of government in Canada.

The drinking water of Red Deer is still being poisoned with a WEAPONS GRADE NEURO TOXIN. Fluoride is as toxic as plutonium. Only JEWS poison wells and that is so well documented, it defies belief that anyone still loves JEWS. How can you love creatures who openly announce that they are, ʻa destructive forceʼ? Poisoning drinking water is something for which perpetrators should be HUNG. However, in these limp wristed times, where homo sexual perverts and pedophiles have legitimacy, hanging for criminal malfeasance is no longer the rigeur and therefore, Red Deer City Council should all be  individually sued and each supporter of fluoridation be locked up in a cell for 20 years. Council has been appraised on numerous occasions regarding the dangers of fluoridation.
And donʼt let the Jewish dentists tell you it is good for you. FLUORIDE IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU and causes dental fluorosis. Hence, council members can not hide behind a
ignorance tree. A class action is pending.

The land of the Jews is not a legitimate country. Mid East Jews are nomads originally and had no home land. They, like today, are an international form of human hybrid. Most Jews actually originate in Khazaria, which is where Ukraine, SW Russia, Kazakstan, and Uzbekistan are presently. Palestine was a sovereign state before the Rothschilds stole it away with the consent of the Jew Nighted Nations. Mister Balfour wrote a declaration to Lord Rothschild and said, okay, go ahead. You can steal Palestine and make that a homeland for Jews; knowing full well that Mid Eastern Jews never had a homeland. Jews actually thrive from their international approach to infecting the planet with their malfeasance. Israel is merely a focus point; a resting place, if you will for international criminal activities like organ harvesting, for example. Human trafficking is HUGE in Israel, cf: article above: RE: slavery in Israel.
So, Mister Balfour wrote a letter and since 1948, millions of Palestinians have died; some in the most horrific ways as live vivisection is carried out and the organs sold to the highest bidders. Mister Balfour wrote a letter and an entire people lost their land, their
fortunes, and their lives so that Jews can have a place to practice their horror without interference. Take note of this figure: Jews stole 150,000 private homes and over 75,000 business enterprises from Palestinians who are now being ethnically cleansed with WHITE PHOSPHORUS, conventional bombs, rifle shots; as brave IDF soldiers take pot shots at Palestinian children on their way to school through the rubble created by Israeli ordinance provided by the Jew Nighted States; a land totally controlled by Jews.

We guess weʼll see what unfolds. Our concern is for his life. The Donald has pissed off many Jews and they are not happy they lost the election. Why he is thinking of
pardoning the Clintons for their criminality is a wonder. Letʼs see what January brings.

So... There it is... Leonard Coldwell... Anti-Semite... Racist... Hatemonger... Fraud... Moron.


A very happy new year to all my readers. May 2017 bring you health, wealth, happiness and hope... Unless you're Leonard Coldwell in which case I hope you fall down a disused mineshaft. 

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