Tuesday, 17 January 2017

New day - Same Leonard Coldwell racist shit as yesterday.

Screen grab speaks for itself... Short, fat, bald old racist is racist...


And but a few short hours later he does it again...

Keep 'em coming Lenny... Good luck trying to ever sue anybody ever again for calling you what you are... A nasty little sawn off racist bigot. Because this blog will be here to prove the truth about you.

Mind you... As you don't actually follow through with your puerile legal threats it probably doesn't really matter.


  1. Disgusting as usual. "Eyn Rand" sure is busy now that Lenny's main FB profile is banned. "Eyn" even went on to Kevin Trudeau's Facebook page to promote the great "Dr." C. It's on this thread, which was initiated January 4, but which an apparently drunken little "Eyn" didn't discover until January 16:

  2. It's desperate stuff when he's reduced to spamming the Facebook page of a convicted felon isn't it?

    I have a mental picture of Lenny sitting in his condo desperately looking around for another dishonest way to make a living after being pulled from Trudeau's teat but, being the dullard he is, he can't actually think of a new scam so he just renames the old scam and tries again. NLP, GIN, IBMS USA, IBMS Germany... All the same. Write a new book... Exactly the same as the old book. BePure, Nature's Tribute, Champion's Formula... The same crap under a different name.

    Incidentally... And this is only a half baked theory at the moment... I have a sneaking suspicion that Lenny is in Europe at the moment and has been for some time. Looking at the post times on his multiple Facebook pages he's either nocturnal (like the cockroach he is) or he's living in a time-zone much nearer to Greenwich Mean time than Easter Standard Time.

    I have this slightly less half-baked theory that unless he quickly comes up with a profitable scam he can peddle in the US he's sooner or later going to have to de-emigrate back to Das Vaterland. I'm no expert on the subject but I'm pretty sure that the social security system in the US is way less 'generous' than in Germany. The poor old dear is getting on a bit now and he's going to have to choose between a German state pension and sleeping in the gutter in South / North Carolina.

  3. Your theories may be closer to fully-baked than half-baked. Even if Lenny were eligible to collect Social Security in the US -- which is doubtful, since one has to have paid into the system during one's working years in order to get any moneys back upon retirement -- he will not be able to collect anything until at least the age of 62 (for "early retirement") and possibly a bit older. If Drumpf and gang have their way they'll keep raising the age of both early and full retirement, and Lenny may never catch up.

    I too think he may be in Germany now. He probably has many more options there than he does here; he can always leech off of Mommy or his brother or perhaps some of his fellow hucksters like Dr. Hohn or that precious-metals peddler Kettner.

  4. Given that Lenny claims people don't actually have to pay tax, based on the usual idiotic theories that get you fined or jailed for trying them, I wonder whether he's paid all or indeed any of the taxes due his massive fortune (snigger).

    There has definitely been a change in his posting habits recently. A month or so ago most of his posts were made while I was tucked up bed. Now he's following what would be the day and early evening in Western Europe.

    Perhaps he's preparing for his next IBMS mega-convention. I wonder how many of the 16,000 German / Austrian / Swiss members he claims to have will turn out this time. Can he beat the last one which was packed to the rafters with the grand total of 43 suckers?

  5. LOL. By the way, "Eyn Rand's" pathetic self-promo screeds have been scrubbed from the Kevin Trudeau page, as have my husband Ron's comments about "Eyn Rand's" comments, and the comments of one "Augusta Wend." I guess the page admins aren't sleeping on the job after all, though they did allow the "Eyn Rand" posts to stay up for a couple of days. Good thing I took screen shots. :-)