Friday, 13 January 2017

Racist German Leonard Coldwell the racist posts more racist posts that are racist.

Yes... GERMAN racist pretend-doctor Leonard Coldwell really is on a roll to prove just how much of a GERMAN racist he is.

Over the last few days the GERMAN racist Leonard Coldwell who is a GERMAN who was born a GERMAN and grew up in GERMANY with the GERMAN name Bernd Klein has been on a racism bender.

Today he has determined that a person born in GERMANY as a GERMAN remains a GERMAN and can never be... For the sake of argument... An American... Because they weren't born there... They were born in GERMANY... As a GERMAN... So they're GERMAN.

Lenny yet again suffers from his complete inability to follow anything to its logical conclusion...


I wonder if Lenny checked on where the other contestants were born... Oh no... They're not black are they so it doesn't matter.

Jesus... Is he ever going to stop making a fool of himself in public?

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