Sunday, 1 January 2017

Lenny gets banned from Facebook again... And lies about it... Again...

Yesterday I posted about Leonard Coldwell the fake doctor posting an appallingly racist screed to Facebook and yes... I did report the post... Which got him suspended... Again.

Naturally Lenny the liar lied about the reason for his ban.

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Banned for making post supporting Trump says he...

Banned for posting hate-speech says reality...


  1. The pathetic little feller must think I had something to do with his latest Facebook suspension. Look at the comment that just came in on New Year's Day to my December 6, 206 blog post about Lenny's friend Mike "The Health Ranger" Adams. This is from someone calling themselves "Throw Connie in jail with Hillary":

    "once Trump gets in you'll be thrown into jail with your crooked Hillary and the negro for spreading lies about Dr. C he's a personal friend of Donald."

    If I'm going to be thrown in jail for writing the truth about a psychopathic liar, I can't think of any cellmates I'd rather have than Hillary and Barack. Maybe you and Salty can join us, Longdog. I only hope the food is okay.

  2. I know EXACTLY who was behind his latest suspension from Facebook... Me. I reported him on his Leonard Coldwell page and his Eyn Rand page which I think is also mow suspended.

    I really do love the idea that Coldwell is a close personal friend of Donny T... I can only assume that "Throw Connie in jail with Hilary" is Fatso himself. It has all the hallmarks of being him... Grandiosity, blatant disregard for reality and the phrase "the negro".

    It's nice to know we're getting to him... Hopefully I can look forward to an Interpol warrant and a nice juicy lawsuit :-D