Saturday, 28 January 2017

Leonard Coldwell the Jew-hater marks Holocaust Memorial day... Or not...

Nice to see that holocaust denying Jew hater, the fake doctor Leonard Coldwell has marked yesterday's Holocaust Memorial Day in his usual Jew hating way...

Links to this (with the assistance of Google Translate)...

That text in easier to read form...

Some worried contemporaries are concerned that Donald Trump is too much associated with Jews to put a stop to the global system of globalism. For a better understanding, when we speak of globalism, we automatically speak of supporting the Holocaust lie. The assassination of the German masses to promote the willingness to be pounded for the destruction of globalization was achieved with the Holo lie. We often forget that this greatest lie in the history of mankind is propagated by numerous organizations and foundations operating under the most diverse labels in the state order. Two important organizations created under the pretext of humanity and art for the preservation and promotion of Holo lies are the Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), now Donald Trump can be eliminated. The funds for these bodies are canceled and the organizations are dissolved.

The Trump team prepares dramatic savings
  Donald Trump is ready to cut the government expenditure with the ax. Members of the Trump Transitional System met with white-collar activists in the run-up to the opening-up of the government to publicize their plans to reduce government bureaucracy. The changes that have been proposed are dramatic. The Office for Economy and Energy sees major reductions in the financing of public organizations. Programs that fall under the sovereignty of the government are eliminated. These include the foundations of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEA) and the National Endowment for the Humanities. These foundations are completely eliminated. (, January 19, 2017)
To eliminate Liberalist foundations that support the Holocaust lie was not conceivable for the Jewish United States. In despair, the left-swamp man Jakob Augstein writes on January 26, 2017 in the SPIEGEL:
"Liberal society has failed bitterly. And on the most important question of the future she has no answer: What if Trump succeeds? Donald Trump, the billionaire in the guise of the popular tribune, is the answer. He is the proof of a sad law: capitalism is fascist in its crisis, and democracy is not only powerless, it is the path. This man has not come to power. He was democratically elected. The shrinking of the world is the tragedy of our present. The Trump fever has broken ... The companies, including the Germans, have started to plan with Trump. "
 So yeah... The 'aspiring' clinician for whom it would be 'professional suicide' to make anti-Semitic posts outs himself yet again as the Jew hating bigot he is...

No surprise there then....


  1. Perhaps you need to send a link to this post to, so that it can be read by the lawyer who told Jason "Salty Droid" Jones that Coldwell could not possibly have written anti-Semitic posts, as that would be "professional suicide".

    By the way, Culbertson & Associate have had their web site redesigned yet again, and it seems that their "blog" posts have been replaced. All of the visible posts are dated January 10, 2017, but when you follow the links they are simply copy-and-pastes of old news stories. And currently the "What we do" (which I presume refers to "areas of practice") link does not work. Nor does the link to "Where we work."

    But we do learn that 'Mr. Culbertson does not believe there is any point to practicing law in State and Federal Court if a lawyer is not willing to take the “hits”, and to refuse to compromise a client’s best interests and needs.'

    One can also communicate directly with this august law firm by using their "Contact" page.

  2. To be fair to them they did eventually throw Lenny under the bus but they clearly didn't do even the most cursory background check into any of Coldwell's ridiculous claims BEFORE they instigated the whole pitiful sham of a suit. Of course if they were anything like decent human beings they would have apologised to you for the shit they put you through but what do you expect from a pair of incompetent shysters?