Friday, 13 January 2017

Leonard Coldwell: Bringing you all the lies as they don't happen...

You would think that a man who, quite laughably but apparently seriously, claims to have four PhDs would check his racist lies before he tells them... But the Never-Has-Been-A Doctor Coldwell and the truth have never been on very close terms and he never lets a little thing like truth stand in the way of his anti-Muslim rhetoric.

And so I bring you this...

Now I don't check every link Lenny-The-Liar posts but every so often I see one and think... "Surely I would've heard of this"... Which is what I thought here.

The link goes to known purveyor of bullshit website 'jewsnews' and it says this...

"Five British teens found themselves culturally enriched by a Muslim migrant last week.
After the 17-year old attacker was provoked in no way whatsoever, the Mirror reports that;

five teenagers were squirted with acid on a train station platform.
Five pals aged between 16 and 18 were all taken to hospital following the attack at Ockendon station in Essex in the early hours of Sunday morning.
Lee Elliott, 17, may permanently lose the sight in his left eye and one other teenager suffered potentially life-changing injuries.
Another friend was also treated for ‘life-changing’"

Following the link goes to this page... and a story that goes back to May 2016.

The story MAKES NO MENTION of the attacker being a Muslim or a migrant and neither did the report on the BBC

Nor The Independent...

Nor the local paper...

The 'fact' of the attacker being a 'Muslim migrant' is simply a load of bollocks added to the story by racists... And reposted by a racist.

The attacker was jailed for eight years in August 2016 and he has the distinctly non-Muslim-migranty name of Alexander Bassey.

Given that the original racism-enhanced article on jewsnews is dated June 2016 you do have to wonder what Lenny is putting into Google to find this shit don't you?

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